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Chiropractic College Prerequisites

Chiropractic college prerequisites Students on the nain entrance sign

Students on the main entrance sign

Traditional Admission

To be enrolled in chiropractic college, you need at least 90 semester hours with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher, though many of our students enroll after completing a bachelor’s degree. Prerequisites can be earned at any accredited college, but Sherman has agreements with several colleges for undergraduate work and 3 + 1 programs.

Of the 90 hours required for traditional admission, 24 must be life and/or physical sciences with corresponding labs for half, and 15 hours must be in the humanities, social and/or behavioral sciences. Preferred courses include biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, anatomy and physiology; we prefer that you have equal distribution of life and physical sciences. Here’s a list of preferred life and physical sciences.

Chiropractic college requirements for traditional admission:

  • 90 semester hours with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • 24 semester hours in life and physical sciences, half with substantive lab component
  • 15 semester hours in humanities, social and behavioral sciences; preferred courses cover a range of topics and include psychology and English, speech and/or communications Only courses with a grade of “C” or higher will be accepted for life and physical sciences and humanities

Prerequisite Courses for Alternative Admissions Track Plan (AATP)

If you have an overall GPA between 2.75 and 2.99 and/or fewer than the required hours in the sciences, you may be eligible for the AATP. This admission standard is designed to allow students with various academic backgrounds to enroll in chiropractic school based on the academic achievements they already have. You are encouraged to submit transcripts or contact admissions for individual counseling.

Chiropractic school requirements for the AATP:

Chiropractic college prerequisites Interns in the chiropractic clinic

Interns in the chiropractic clinic

90 semester hours
GPA of 2.75 or higher
12 semester hours in life and physical sciences preferred

Note: If you are admitted via AATP, we’ll provide you with an individual academic plan and monitor your progress throughout the course of the program to ensure your success.

When to Apply

You are advised to submit your application as early as possible to ensure a place in the enrolling class of your choice. New students are admitted in January, April*, July and October. Final deadline to apply is 6 weeks prior to the start of each quarter.

*A minimum of 12 students must be confirmed 6 weeks prior to the start of the spring (April) quarter, or the class will be deferred and begin in summer.

Licensure Requirements

Pre-chiropractic and licensure requirements vary from state to state, and some of these requirements apply to a student’s prerequisite education and, therefore, must be satisfied before enrolling in chiropractic school. To ensure that you meet the requirements of the state(s) in which you wish to practice, we suggest that you visit the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards web site for a list of licensing state board contact information.

Call us for guidance

Please call the Admission Office at 800-849-8771, ext. 221 or 200, or email admissions@sherman.edu if you have questions about specific courses. We are happy to help you.

Chiropractic college prerequisites Women in the Student Plaza

Women in the Student Plaza

What’s next?

Email a transcript for evaluation
• Request an admissions packet
• Schedule a campus visit
Apply for admission
• Review the curriculum
• Explore financial aid options

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