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Continuing Education Chiropractic License Renewal

Further your knowledge of basic sciences, clinical arts, case management, philosophy and research.

Guided by the institutional objectives, postdoctoral programs and workshops are sponsored and/or coordinated for the purpose of license renewal in most states.

These continuing education chiropractic courses are conducted by Sherman College faculty, well-respected chiropractors and extension faculty and held both on and off campus with the same personal attention given to our students.

Face-to-face continuing education gives you the chance to interact with the instructor as well as the other professionals in the course, which promotes sharing of knowledge throughout the community.

International Research and Philosophy Symposium

Oct. 9-11, 2015 at Sherman College

 IRAPS October 10-11, 2015

 International Research and Philosophy Symposium
, Sherman College




For information about state approvals for an individual course, registrations or other information
contact Dr. Jillain Kersh, jkersh@sherman.edu864-578-8770 x.229, 800-849-8771 x.229

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