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CSI- Case Study Instruction for Quality Enhancement Program

CSI Awareness Campaign

One component of accreditation is the Quality Enhancement Program (QEP), an ongoing project required of all colleges and schools in the Southern Association (SACS). The focus on continual self-assessment and improvement is a key to maintaining educational standards. The QEP focuses on an area identified by the college.

Sherman's QEP for the next several years is Case Study Instruction (CSI), which involves introducing students to the process of case management through using case studies in classes. Case studies require active student interaction with materials, which reinforces student learning. Download QEP document pdf.

To help reach the overall goal and related objectives of the QEP, the college developed a multi-year Implementation Strategy Plan to guide the college through the current period to the five-year reporting date of 2012. Annual areas of focus include the following:

The initial CSI Awareness campaigned launched in October 2009 with a case study game and has continued throughout the last two years.