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David Mruz, D.C.

Working Close to Home, But Serving the Performers of the World

by PR Intern Ally Padden
David Mruz, D.C.

David Mruz, D.C.

Dealing with celebrities is just part of a regular day’s work for Dr. David Mruz. He is the official chiropractor of the BI-LO Center in Greenville, SC, the chiropractor for Tour de France Stage Winner and fifteen-time Tour de France finisher George Hincapie, and has been a chiropractor for the professional Coors Light Cycling Team, the Motorola Cycling Team and various other professional cyclists visiting Greenville for the USPRO cycling championships held there each year.

Mruz cruised into the cycling world purely by chance. “I received a call from the Coors Light Cycling Team organization in Denver in 1991 asking me to check the team while they were in Greenville for the Michelin Cycling Classic,” Mruz said. “They were going to be in town for the weekend races and requested to be checked by a chiropractor. So I went to their hotel with my portable table.”

Little did he know, this would open a door to a new world. Since then, he has been involved with cycling on many levels, with the Greenville-based Piedmont Orthopedic Associates Cycling Team being his most recent involvement.

Mruz considered chiropractic as a career choice after experiencing a car accident while he was a college student in New York. Dr. Joseph Murphy, a Sherman supporter and father of Mruz’s close friend and now fellow Sherman alumnus Michael Murphy, cared for him after the accident.

“I was a college athlete, so I should have been under chiropractic care anyway,” Mruz said. “He took care of me after my accident, and made me feel and function better than I ever had befor. At the time, I was planning on pursuing dentistry as a career. But I thought to myself, ‘I’m a big guy – maybe my hands will serve others better outside of the body instead of inside someone’s mouth.’”

Mruz caught on to the chiropractic philosophy quickly and even drew parallels to his original career path of dentistry. “Spinal hygiene is no different than dental hygiene,” Mruz said. “Someone who hasn’t been adjusted until the age of 20 is like someone who hasn’t brushed his teeth until he turned 20 – can you imagine what those teeth would look like?”

After sharing the advantages of a career in chiropractic, Dr. Murphy advised Mruz to attend Sherman College. So, Mruz packed up and moved to South Carolina to pursue chiropractic. (See Dr. Mruz’s video message for prospective chiropractic students.)

“I met my wife at Sherman” said Mruz. “She was from Huntington, WV, and I was from Long Island, NY, so once we graduated, we found our former homes on the map and chose halfway between them to set up practice.” The couple moved to Pittsburgh, PA, but they missed South Carolina, so they moved back south and bought Dr. Paul Becker’s practice in Greenville, SC. Mruz and his wife, Dr. Sue Ann (Rowley), practiced together for 10 years. Mruz still maintains the office while his wife raises their three children.

Mruz with Racers

Mruz with Racers

His office offers a comfortable atmosphere with autographed pictures of world renowned cyclists and performers hanging on the wall. Along with Hincapie, Mruz has cared for such touring acts as Josh Groban, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, Boston, Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles and Nickelback. “I love working with different people. I get to experience all types of cases because of working with athletes and performers,” Mruz said.

“You cannot perform at your highest level without proper function and nerve supply, and these elite level performers and athletes realize that chiropractic is an important part of their ability to function at their best.” That’s the chiropractic message Mruz shares with all his patients.

Sherman College president, Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer commented, “It’s great to know that our graduates are prepared to care for some of the world’s premier athletes and entertainers. And if he ever takes care of Eddie Vedder, he’d better call me.”

Mruz says he still enjoys exploring and learning more about chiropractic, even after 30 years in practice. In addition to meeting his continuing education requirements to maintain licensure, he has attended many conferences on chiropractic techniques. Mruz is a supporter of the Sherman Package of analysis and adjusting, and he also employs the ProAdjuster technique as his primary method for analysis and adjusting.

“Never quit learning,” he advises chiropractic students and graduates. “Getting through school is just the first step to a lifetime of education,” he said. “Having a lot of knowledge is never a bad thing.”

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