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Find a Sherman Graduate

The Sherman College Alumni Directory contains the names and addresses of all Sherman College and Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic (whose records we hold) alumni . Whether you are a patient looking for a chiropractor or a graduate looking for a former classmate, our directory provides the most current information we have on file. Start searching now.

Alumni Directory for Sherman and Pennsylvania Colleges of Chiropractic

Help us Keep in Touch with Our Alumni

If you are a Sherman or Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic graduate and you are not receiving the alumni magazine and mail from the college, chances are we've lost track of your mailing address or did not receive an update from the post office when you moved. Please send us your contact information.

Not sure if we have your mailing address? Check our list of alumni with who we have lost touch.

Catch up with some classmate profiles.

Keep in Touch

Marggi Roldan

Marggi Roldan, B.S.

Director of Development
and Alumni Relations
800-849-8771 x. 277
864-578-8770 x. 277

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