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John & Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C.s

Committed to Each Other and Their Practice

by Freelance Writer Beverly Knight
John & Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C.s

John & Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C.s

John Glenn, D.C., and Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C., know a bit about practicing with family. The husband and wife team work together at Delaware Chiropractic at Louvier, a clinic located in Newark, DE. John, a native of Pennsylvania, and Jimmie, a native of Tennessee, met when they were students at Sherman.

When they graduated in 2003, John wanted to return to Pennsylvania to practice, and he and his wife became associates in the same office. But when the opportunity presented itself for them to work together in a practice in Delaware, they decided to take it. Self-described “beach goers,” they were attracted to the location that is only 70 miles from the Atlantic coast.

In the beginning, the office served 100 visits a week, but the practice continued to grow, approaching 400 visits a week. The young married couple found themselves working non-stop, something that they did not want to do, so they made a decision to bring on more employees to perform the office work. “With five people in the office, others can do things like insurance,” John says, adding that now they have an office “full of fun and lots of kids, but we don’t go home completely whipped.”

Over time the husband-and-wife team has developed a formula for success that capitalizes on their individual strengths. “We love being a team,” Jimmie says of the collaboration that has proved so successful for her and her husband, one in which she deals primarily with community outreach and John focuses on adjustments in the office.

Jimmie donates services and meets with community groups to make people aware of the benefits of chiropractic. The emphasis on developing community awareness has proved a successful one for their practice, with 50 percent of new patients coming from outreach and 50 percent from community referrals.

Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C.s

Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C.

John Glenn, D.C.

John Glenn, D.C.

“Dividing up areas of running a chiropractic office also allowed us to develop two separate and distinct roles,” John says of the division of labor which gave each of them “an identity in the office.” The added benefit of the husband/wife practice, John says, is that they are able “to share all the miracles that happen in chiropractic together, experience the wonderful things together.”

The hardest part of sharing a workplace, they both agree, is avoiding bringing work home. “It is especially difficult in the beginning because the practice is your life,” John says of the temptation to discuss work 24 hours a day. “We agreed that if the other person began talking about work more than they should, we’d say something. We knew we had to spend time focusing on each other, having husband-and-wife talk.”

Both have come to realize that people love to come into an office where both spouses are passionate about chiropractic. That shared passion, they feel, has been the key to building a successful practice.


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