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Nalyn Marcus, D.C.

Her Creativity Abounds

by Public Relations Intern Angela Lachney

Nalyn Marcus, D.C.

Nalyn Marcus, D.C.

Nalyn Marcus, D.C., has her office in Bethlehem, PA, where she not only practices in her family clinic, but also spends a large part of her time thinking of ways to support other moms in chiropractic. Marcus is known for her creative ideas and has decided to focus this energy on projects that support and promote women in the chiropractic profession.

Years ago while Marcus attended Sherman, she quickly learned that studying could take valuable time away from family relationships. She was awed by single mothers at the college who managed to study and also take care of their families. She dreamed of the day when she might recognize these humble efforts with a scholarship fund that would make it easier single moms to get through chiropractic college.

Years later, her creativity sprang forth with an idea that became the foundation of the Sylva Ashworth Scholarship. What had started as random doodles in a notebook resulted in the designs that would later adorn jewelry and clothing that is sold to fund the Ashworth scholarship.

Marcus uses her artistic vision to create designs for pins, t-shirts, sweatshirts and greeting cards that all feature the phrase, “Mother Nature’s Healing Hands…Women in Chiropractic.” Her first design included a colorful butterfly and a woman’s hands. Another design features a hand holding a spine, which morphs into the stem of a red rose. As of June 2005, four designs have emerged.

Marcus named the scholarship for 1920s chiropractor Sylva Ashworth, who was considered an inspiration in the chiropractic world, a powerhouse to women, and the matriarch of the Cleveland chiropractic family. Because of her deep involvement with the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO), Marcus asked that group to administer the scholarship while she continues to design new products to build its funding. Each year, the FSCO Scholarship Committee accepts applications from single mothers in chiropractic college and then selects a recipient based on the greatest need.

Marcus considers herself fortunate to be able to contribute to a cause that is so worthy of attention. And she has taken it a step further by organizing the Women in Chiropractic seminar, a featured program during Lyceum, the four-day continuing education and homecoming extravaganza hosted at Sherman College each May.

Marcus says. “As a chiropractor and a mom, it brings me great pleasure to facilitate a program that allows women to get together to share and exchange ideas on how to make the doctor/mom juggle a success.”

Marcus is a long-time member of the FSCO and serves as a career advisor and Ambassador for Sherman College, always thinking of ways to help other women fulfill their dreams of serving through chiropractic and balancing their busy lives.

For more information on the Sylva Ashworth Scholarship or Chiromom merchandise visit www.chiromom.com.

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