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Nick Senuta, D.C.

Of Service During National Tragedy

By Public Relations Intern Angela Lachney

Nick Senuta, D.C.

Nick Senuta, D.C.

Nick Senuta, D.C., of Latrobe, PA, is one of several Sherman alumni who took time away from his busy practice to provide chiropractic services to volunteer workers during a national tragedy. His involvement in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks has touched the lives of many.

His efforts began with a trip to Somerset, PA, to aid in the aftermath of the crash of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. He heard about the need for chiropractors through a doctor of chiropractic living in New York and was moved to action. Later, he took two trips to New York City and worked alongside the Army, National Guard and FBI at Ground Zero, adjusting rescuers in makeshift clinics on the streets of the city.

“I love that even though volunteers came from all different backgrounds and everything was so hectic, we were all working together for a common goal: to help as many people possible,” Senuta recalls.

During one of his trips to New York City, Senuta formed friendships with several members of Rescue Squad 1 in Brooklyn, and he was inspired to personally help them and their families. “I saw how much they had helped others, and I wanted to do something to help their families,” Senuta says. When he returned home, Senuta started a fund for the squad and was successful in raising more than $20,000 by organizing 5K walks and dances.

Senuta is also known for helping people in his local community by providing free chiropractic services to children with health problems so that their nerve systems are free of interference from subluxations. Each year he also organizes a Thanksgiving dinner to provide 100-200 indigent people with a special meal.

Senuta was recognized by the New York and Pennsylvania Chiropractic Councils for his work associated with 9-11. He was also commended by Sherman College with the Distinguished Service Award in 2002. Senuta is a member of the distinguished Board of Regents at Sherman and has served as an extension faculty member with the college’s Extern Program. He is a 1981 graduate of the college.

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