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Chiropractic Success Profiles

Success means different things to different people, but to most it means doing what you truly love to do and gaining a sense of fulfillment in your life and career. Being a Sherman graduate means you have the opportunity to define your own level of success in your career. For some, that means helping others realize their health and performance potentials, being your own boss, setting your own hours, accepting leadership roles within your community and the profession or perhaps meeting or exceeding your practice volume and financial goals.

Here are the stories about just a few of our alumni who have found success in chiropractic. Perhaps one of them is your neighbor, your inspiration, your role model. 

chiropractic success Dr. Michel Stratton

Dr. Michel Stratton

Transforming a Practice Philosophically

Michael Stratton, ’05, Highland City, FL
After associating with a chiropractor in his home state of Florida, Michael Stratton found that going out on his own gave him the opportunity to structure a practice in a way that fit his own philosophy.

chiropractic success Dr. Kelvin Ng

Dr. Kelvin Ng

Traveling around the world and back again

Kelvin Ng, D.C., ’09, Singapore 
A native of Singapore, Kelvin Ng Say Koon was a CPA working as a tax consultant when he began to think about a career change. He had his first encounter with chiropractic while doing online research.

chiropractic success Dr. Josh Pulver

Dr. Josh Pulver

Bigger is not always better

Josh Pulver, D.C., ’04, Petoskey, MI
Josh Pulver, D.C. went from a 2,200-sf existing office, to a 1,400-sf space and then downsized yet again to a 600-sf office. Making the office a cash-only operation was the key to other changes necessary … 

chiropractic success Dr. Nylsa Correa

Dr. Nylsa Correa

Adapting to changes, expected and unexpected

Nylsa Correa, D.C., ’99, Stafford, VA
Nylsa Correa, D.C., began her road to chiropractic far from Spartanburg, SC. A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Correa always knew that she wanted a career in health care…It was not until she was 16 and first experienced chiropractic 

chiropractic success Dr. Alan Brewster

Dr. Alan Brewster

Set His Sights on Sherman at Age 12

Alan Brewster, D.C., ’89, Passaic Park, NJ
At 12 years old, he told his chiropractor Gabe Ricciardi, “One day I’m going to be a chiropractor, and if you need me I’ll come home and run the office.” Today Dr. Ricciardi’s office is indeed Brewster’s workplace… 

lchiropractic success Dr. Shane Walker

Dr. Shane Walker

Leading at a National Level

Shane Walker, D.C., ’00, Naples, FL
There are opportunities of all kinds out there for anyone interested in assuming a leadership role in advancing the profession of chiropractic, says Shane Walker, D.C., who runs a high volume practice in Naples, FL,

chiropractic success Dr. Arno Burnier

Dr. Arno Burnier

When the Student Becomes the Master

Arno Burnier, D.C., ’77, Durango, CO
Arno Burnier, D.C., arrived in Spartanburg from Paris in 1973 armed only with a telephone number to call Thom Gelardi, D.C., the founder of Sherman College. His decision to leave France and pursue the dream

Cindy Gibbon, D.C.

Cindy Gibbon, D.C.

Preparing Students for Success in Practice

Cindy Gibbon, D.C., ‘91, Spartanburg, SC
It was only after teaching at Sherman for three years that Cindy Gibbon realized she could be much more effective in the classroom if she added chiropractic studies to her body of knowledge,

chiropractic success Dr. David Mruz

Dr. David Mruz

Working Close to Home, but Serving the Performers of the World

David Mruz, D.C. ’80, Taylors, South Carolina
Mruz cruised into the cycling world purely by chance…receiving a call from the Coors Light Cycling Team organization in Denver asking him to give chiropractic care to the team while they were in town. Little did he know, this would open a door to a new world…

chiropractic success Drs. John & Jimmie Wells Glenn

Drs. John & Jimmie Wells Glenn

Committed to Each Other and Their Practice

John & Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C.s, ’03, Newark, DE
John Glenn, D.C., and Jimmie Wells Glenn, D.C., know a bit about practicing with family. The husband and wife team work together at Delaware Chiropractic at Louvier in Newark, DE. John and Jimmie met when they were students…

Jennifer Eames DC

Dr. Jennifer Eames

Chiropractic: the Best Fit for Lacrosse Official

Jennifer Eames, D.C., ’02, Marion, MA
Chiropractic does not involve body fluids. That is one reason Jenn Eames chose it over sports medicine, dentistry and athletic training. When she was looking for a career, student-athlete Eames wanted to work with people in health services…

chiropractic success Dr. Paul Newhart

Dr. Paul Newhart

Waited For the Right Opportunity

Paul Newhart, D.C., ’93, Leola, PA
Dr. Paul Newhart took a somewhat circuitous route to his current position. His roundabout journey to the job he loves taught him several things, but most of all, he says, he learned one important lesson: Don’t be afraid to…

chiropractic success Dr. Linda Tarpley

Dr. Linda Tarpley

Blending Home and Office: The Best of Both Worlds

Linda Tarpley, D.C., ’04, Holly Springs, SC
Linda Tarpley, D.C., a 2004 Sherman graduate, grew up just 20 miles outside New York City, but she credits her decision to establish a home practice far from busy city life with allowing her more time to spend with her family…

chiropractic success Dr. Gabriel O'Sullivan

Dr. Gabriel O’Sullivan

Joining the Family Business

Gabriel O’Sullivan, D.C., ’01, Spartanburg, SC
Some professional relationships are forged at an early age. Gabriel O’Sullivan, D.C., grew up with chiropractic. His stepfather, David Ivey, D.C., a 1976 graduate of Sherman, has been in practice in Upstate South Carolina for more than 30 years. The father and son now…

chiropractic success Dr. Dale Friar

Dr. Dale Friar

Helping More Students Choose a Chiropractic Career

Dale Friar, D.C., ’82, Mount Pleasant, SC
Dr. Dale Friar feels it’s important for young people considering to understand that it can be challenging and require great focus to open a practice and be successful right away. But he also wants them to know how rewarding their work can…

chiropractic success Dr. Evan Cohen

Dr. Evan Cohen

Finding a Need and Adapting to Meet It

Evan Cohen, D.C. ’87, Columbia, SC
A former Division III college football player at Brooklyn College, Dr. Evan Cohen naturally gravitated toward meshing his interest in sports with his passion for chiropractic. He is now in his fourth season as the official team chiropractor…

chiropractic success Dr. Valerie Pennacchio

Dr. Valerie Pennacchio

Making Her Family Proud

Valerie Pennacchio , D.C. ’90, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Great Britain
Her influence is far-reaching. Her work makes a difference in the lives of thousands. Valerie Pennacchio, D.C., is quite possibly one of the most influential women in chiropractic education today. Pennacchio credits Sherman with…

chiropractic success Dr. Simon Senzon

Dr. Simon Senzon

Ready for Success

Simon Senzon, D.C., ’99, Asheville, North Carolina
Success is something that Simon Senzon understands — and he has always had a plan for achieving it. Within five years of graduating from Sherman College in 1999, he developed a thriving chiropractic practice and published…

chiropractic success Dr. Kurt Oetjens

Dr. Kurt Oetjens

Do What You Love

Kurt Oetjens, D.C., ’97, Monroe, Michigan
Kurt Oetjens believes that when you do the thing you love, all the pieces fall in place for you to be successful. He certainly is a role model for that way of thinking. Oetjens’ passion for chiropractic…

chiropractic success Dr. Claude Lessard

Dr. Claude Lessard

Passion for Learning

Claude Lessard, D.C., ’77, Morrisville, PA
Passionate people are most often successful people. That’s certainly true of Claude Lessard, D.C., a 1977 graduate of Sherman College. According to Lessard’s longtime friend and mentor, Reggie Gold, D.C., Ph.C.,The thing that…

chiropractic success Dr. Rick Hellman

Dr. Rick Hellman

Knocking on the Door to Success

Rick Hellman, D.C., ’01, Louisville, Kentucky
Shortly after graduating from Sherman in 2001, Hellman began a simple but effective outreach initiative of going from door to door in neighborhoods near his office to introduce himself and encourage his…

chiropractic success Dr. Nick Senuta

Dr. Nick Senuta

Of Service During a National Tragedy

Nick Senuta, D.C., ’81, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Nick Senuta, D.C., of Latrobe, PA, is one of several Sherman alumni who took time away from his busy practice to provide chiropractic services to volunteer workers in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist…  

chiropractic success Dr. Nalyn Marcus

Dr. Nalyn Marcus

Her Creativity Abounds

Nalyn Marcus, D.C., ’90, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Nalyn Marcus, D.C., lives in Bethlehem, PA, where she not only practices in her family clinic, but also spends a large part of her time thinking of ways to support other moms in chiropractic. Marcus is known for her creative… 

chiropractic success Dr. Dick Plummer

Dr. Dick Plummer

At Home Even Away From Home

Dick Plummer, D.C., ’79, Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Dick Plummer, D.C., has appeared on more than 600 radio and television programs throughout the country discussing chiropractic and health… To say he is comfortable in front of an audience…

chiropractic success Dr. Randy Baze

Dr. Randy Baze

His Practice Has Gone to the Dogs… Cats and Horses Too!

Randy Baze, D.C., ’83, Renton, Washington
A 1983 graduate of Sherman College, Randy Baze,D.C., practices in Renton, WA, where in addition to his human patients, he has a large number of animal…

chiropractic success Dr. David Serio

Dr. David Serio

It’s in the Serving that He’s Fulfilled

David Serio, D.C., ’99, Buenos Aires, Argentina
David Serio, D.C., ’99, of Fairfield, NJ, will tell you that packing up and moving to a country 5,000 miles from home isn’t all glamour and smiles even though he had a colleague with him. When they set out for this strange land…


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