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November 2003
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The Chicago Three

Want to see how their careers have progressed?
Read more about this talented trio
in a profile published in 2010.


The Chicago Three

by Freelance Writer Beverly Knight

There's an old saying that two heads are better than one. These three Sherman College graduates decided that if two were better, then three might be best.

Gary Roeben, Brian Rutecki and Sam Wang were finishing up the final coursework for their doctor of chiropractic degrees in September 2001. Several months later they were managing a growing chiropractic practice in Naperville, IL. The story of how they got to this point in their careers in such a short time is enough to inspire any aspiring chiropractor.

And that is exactly what the enterprising young men hope to do now that they have found what they think is the formula for success in their profession. "Do it as a team," Rutecki says, reflecting on the two years they've spent building their practice. "The secret to success is teamwork. We wouldn't be where we are today alone."

The three friends didn't set out to establish a joint practice, but it's clear that they're glad that they did. They came to Sherman College from different areas of the country and arrived at chiropractic by different routes.

Wang knew that he was interested in chiropractic when he attended a seminar at Palmer College, near his hometown in Davenport, IA. At the seminar, someone mentioned to him that Sherman College was "the place to go." Roeben was referred by his family chiropractor. Rutecki was drawn to the profession by a chiropractor who helped him recover from a serious soccer injury and then, when he expressed interest, recommended Sherman College to him. The one thing they all share in common, they say, is that each has had "remarkable life changing experiences" while being under chiropractic care that inspired them to join the profession.

Drs. Sam Wang, Brian Rutcki and Gary Roeben of Chicago, IL.They started Sherman College at the same time and, although they admit that their personalities are very different, soon discovered that they had similar interests with regard to techniques and that their philosophies were compatible. Now, they can't imagine working without each other because each brings unique skills to the partnership - skills that have helped them to grow their business dramatically.

Instead of one man trying to do everything, they found a way to maximize their individual strengths. The result, they say, has been "more manpower, more minds put together." Roeben, in charge of marketing and public relations because of his organizational skills, is adept at handling financial matters. Rutecki, described by his partners as "fun-loving," found his niche in dealing with in-house referrals and patient education. Wang, they say, is the detail man.

A lot of recent graduates have called the trio to ask how they've accomplished what they have so quickly. The best advice they impart to students in training is to find a good mentor, ask lots of questions, and visit as many practices as possible, keeping an open mind to the different ways to run a successful practice. "We all define success differently," Wang says, explaining that there is a great deal to be learned about running a successful practice from other successful doctors of chiropractic.

According to these young chiropractors, the greatest rewards are the relationships that they've established with their patients as well as fellow chiropractors. And they're sure they couldn't have done it without each other and the educational foundation they received at Sherman College.


Want to see how their careers progressed? Read more about this talented group of Sherman alumni in a profile published in 2010.


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