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Knocking on the Door to Success

by Public Relations Intern Angela Lachney

Rick Hellman, D.C., practices in Louisville, KY, where he spends a large part of his time educating and recruiting potential clientele about his practice and chiropractic in general. Shortly after graduating from Sherman in 2001, Hellman began a simple but effective outreach initiative of going from door to door in neighborhoods near his office to introduce himself and encourage his neighbors to investigate chiropractic care.

Now, several years later, Hellman’s determination has paid off. He shares a million-dollar practice with fellow Sherman graduate, T.J. White, D.C. And even though the practice sees more than 500 patients each week, Hellman still believes strongly in reaching out to the community. He continues to knock on doors in the community, introduce himself, and tell people about his practice. “People want what we offer,” says Hellman. “We just have to get out there and tell them.” He also promotes chiropractic by offering lunch talks and seminars to community and church groups and by placing radio ads.

Hellman thinks it is important to set patient goals for practice growth for any given year. To help him meet these goals, he employs various methods of promotion, including five to six patient appreciation days a year, several spinal screenings per month and at least two telemarketing days a year. Aside from his many community outreach programs, Hellman also makes time for Christ Center Coaching, which is a church program that uses Learner’s “Body by God” as a template to educate members about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Even though his practice and his love for the profession keeps him busy, Hellman remains involved with his alma mater as an Ambassador, actively recruiting students for the college and talking to high school and college students about a career in chiropractic. He’s also sure to make time for his wife of 10 years, Kelly, and their children Savannah and Lucas.



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