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Graduation Information

Graduation Exercises Graduation ceremonies will be held two times annually, one at the conclusion of the Fall academic term and one at the conclusion of the Spring academic term (See note below).

  • The graduation ceremony is a college function produced in a format of the college's choosing under the guidance of the dean of student affairs.
  • The commencement speaker and the person giving the charge to the graduates are selected by the college administration.
  • The college chooses the location and all related details regarding the ceremony.

Note: Sherman College will not conduct an individual graduation exercise for graduating classes with fewer than ten members. Students in this situation will be required to participate in the graduation exercise preceding the date of his/her scheduled graduation date. Eligibility to Graduate See Policy 1021 (B) Graduation Requirements

Attendance Attendance is mandatory.

Only under the following circumstances may a student appeal to be excused from graduation exercises:

  1. Religious objection
  2. The graduation date conflicts with a licensure examination (must be verified by the college).
  3. College-sponsored or approved events
  4. Unavoidable absence (beyond the student's control) due to verifiable circumstances acceptable to the vice president of academic affairs, such as imminent death or death of a family member, personal illness or military duty.

Any student who meets the criteria to be excused from graduation exercises must make a written appeal to the vice president for academic affairs no less than 60 days prior to the graduation ceremony. Students who are excused from the graduation ceremony will be required to have the Chiropractic Oath administered at the college before a diploma will be issued.

Very few exceptions to this policy will be considered.


Students are responsible for purchasing regalia and announcements.

See Policy 1032 for full detail

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