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Friendly interns and helpful staff members

Meet the Health Center Staff

The Health Center staff are here to help you experience excellent chiropractic care at very affordable prices.  The Health Center is a teaching clinic for chiropractic students who are in their final stage of internship prior to graduation from the doctor of chiropractic program. The teaching environment, coordinated by licensed doctors of chiropractic, allows interns to practice chiropractic under close supervision and constant consultation.

Claudia Seay, D.C.
Ext. 270
Interim Dean of Clinics
Professor of Clinical Sciences

Cynthia B. Gibbon, B.A., M.T., D.C.
Ext. 234
Health Center Faculty
Professor of Clinical Sciences

Sarah Stephens, B.S., D.C.
Ext. 269
Health Center Case
Doctor Instructor of Clinical Sciences

Joanne Shaw
Ext. 280
Health Center Record Associate

Patricia Kuhta,D.C., B.S. 
Ext. 266
Director, X-ray Department
Professor of Clinical Sciences

Sarah Hock, B.S., D.C.
ext. 223
Health Center Case Doctor

Shirlene Burnsed
Ext. 264
Health Center Receptionist

Jackie Phillips
ext. 243
Coordinator of Clinical Education Services

Laura R. Greene-Orndorff, R.T., A.S., B.S., D.C.
Ext. 249
Supervisor X-Ray Department
Professor of Clinical Sciences,

Stephanie Johnson, B.S., D.C.
Health Center Case Doctor
Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences
Community Outreach

Matthew Hudson, D.C.
ext. 211
Health Center Case Doctor

Tammy Windham
Ext. 290
Health Center Receptionist

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