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Affordable Digital X-Ray Services for Area Chiropractors

Prompt Service

Digital X-ray Request Form PDF

Digital X-ray Agreement

To ensure prompt service, complete and send the
Digital X-ray Request Form PDF 
and the Digital X-ray Agreement (initial the first page, sign the second page, and fax both pages) to 864-599-4858 prior to the patient’s appointment or have the patient present them at his/her appointment. Without the completed forms, images cannot be taken.

What You Get

When your patient’s digital x-rays are taken at Sherman College, we will save the images onto a CD for your viewing. The software tools that come with your patient’s images are basic viewing tools. In order to perform line analysis, take measurements, make annotations, etc., images must be imported to a computer that has special chiropractic analysis software installed.

If you have your patient’s digital x-rays taken at Sherman College, be aware that we will only be responsible for the production of your patient’s images. Read our Digital X-Ray Agreement (PDF) for full details on the service we offer. Sherman College no longer produces x-rays on conventional film.

The Digital Advantage

The use of digital radiography has many advantages that are all but impossible with traditional film and view boxes. With digital radiography you can:

  • View and detect anomalies in dark or light areas of the film
  • Highlight certain structures
  • Enhance cortical outlines
  • Change image brightness
  • Magnify the image.

Other benefits of digital imaging include:

  • Increased image quality
  • No lost or damaged images
  • Reduction of repeat x-rays (reducing the amount of radiation to the patient)
  • No film or chemicals used
  • No processor maintenance or darkroom needed
  • No need for film filing envelopes or physical storage space.


Payment for images may be in the form of cash, major credit card or check and must be made at the time of the patient’s x-ray appointment. The current fee is $15.00 per image. We will gladly provide your patient with a cash receipt.


X-ray Department hours of operation are 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm on Thursday. (Hours are subject to change due to special events, college break and holidays). Please call the receptionist for scheduling at 864-578-8777.

Sherman College is an educational institution operating on a quarterly system. During the weeks that fall between class sessions, our services to your patients may be limited. Be sure to check with our receptionist (864-578-8777) regarding availability and hours of operation before you schedule a patient.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact the X-Ray Department

Dr. Laura Green-Orndorf

Dr. Laura Green-Orndorf

Laura Greene-Orndorff D.C.
Radiology Department Chair
864-578-8770 x. 249

Dr. Pat Kuhta

Dr. Pat Kuhta

Patricia Kuhta, D.C.,
X-Ray Department Director
864-578-8770 x. 266

Dr. Adam Morrell

Dr. Adam Morrell

Adam Morrell, D.C.
Dean of Clinics
864-578-8770 x. 292

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