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Intern performs an adjustment
while supervised by health center doctor.

At Sherman, We Care about You

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Other people say it. Here we live by it: personal attention.

Learn all about Sherman College of Chiropractic:  student life, clinical program, curriculum, philosophy, alumni success, 3 + 1 programsand more.

Chiropractic is hands-on health care for a better life.

Sherman’s chiropractic college admissions has a unique approach to chiropractic with our vitalistic perspective.

As a doctor of chiropractic, you can:


Make a difference in a person’s life

Make a difference in your community
Live and work abroad
Be your own boss
Set your own hours
Live by your own values
Work with animals 

What’s next?

Where to get your pre-requisite classes
See a list of preferred life and physical sciences
Take a look at the chiropractic college curriculum

How to transfer from another chiropractic college
International student information

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