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Taylor Van Quaethem. D.C.

Immersed in Chiropractic Principle

Olympia, WA, is a long way from Spartanburg, SC. When Taylor Van Quaethem made the decision to enroll at Sherman, he knew he would be leaving behind a supportive family that is committed to chiropractic to come to an area of the country that was entirely new to him.

“My father, my brother and his wife and my sister and her husband are all chiropractors, but I’m the first to come to Sherman,” Taylor says of the decision to travel so far from home. “In fact, when I came to visit Sherman, it was the first time I had ever been to the east coast.”

When he visited, Taylor was immediately attracted to Sherman’s focus on chiropractic and its philosophy, one that he characterizes as “firm and rich.” And, he adds, he feels that he made the “perfect choice.”

At first Taylor was resistant to the idea of following his older brother and sister into chiropractic. He studied to become a certified x-ray technician with the intention of earning his associate’s degree. Then he began to talk with his brother, seven years his senior, about prerequisites he would need to study chiropractic. “I came to believe that through chiropractic I can change lives, impact the world differently,” Taylor says of his decision to earn his D.C. degree.

He has settled in both academically and personally, reveling in the contrast the area presents to his home state. “My wife and I are enjoying exploring,” he says. “We’ve been hiking to the top of Table Rock, and people have given us lots of suggestions about more great hiking destinations.” He points particularly to the mild weather, noting, “In Olympia it’s usually 55 and rainy, and it rains for two or three months straight. When the temperature gets above 70 degrees in Washington, people rip off their shirts to soak up the rays.”

Working with and helping people are what excite this determined young man. “It really gets me fired up to be in such a powerful career choice,” Taylor says, adding that he is eager to put his philosophy into practice to help others.

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