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My Scholarship

Reap the benefits of referring students to Sherman College of Chiropractic Download Chiropractic Scholarship Brochure.

The “My Scholarship” Program is an excellent way to make a lasting impact on the lives of the future doctors of chiropractic whom you refer to Sherman College. Read on to learn how you can award $1,000 to $5,000 in scholarship money to aspiring chiropractors.

How it works

For every student you refer to Sherman, you’ll earn a $1,000 scholarship credit when the student enrolls. Once your scholarship fund reaches $5,000, you can award your scholarship — in whole or in part — to the next new or current student referral(s) of your choice. Each time you build your fund to $5,000, you can award additional scholarships to new or current Sherman students.

Honoring you

The My Chiropractic Scholarship Program is our way of showing appreciation for the extraordinary support you provide to Sherman College. Leave a legacy by creating scholarships in your name. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to participate in the My Scholarship program:

  • Step 1: Recruit and Refer a Chiropractic Student Send us prospective students who want to change lives by becoming doctors of chiropractic.
  • Step 2: Build Your Chiropractic Scholarship Fund Earn $1,000 credit upon matriculation for each new student you refer to Sherman College.
  • Step 3: Make Your Chiropractic Scholarship Award Once your fund reaches $5,000, award the scholarship, in part or in whole, to a student of your choice.

Would you like to know more? Contact the Admission Office at 800-849-8771, ext. 221, or e-mail Kristy Shepherd or download the brochure.

My Scholarship Drs. Gary & Cathie Padden

Drs. Gary & Cathie Padden

Gary & Cathie Padden Scholarship

Gary and Cathie Padden have established two $5,000 scholarships and have had the pride of awarding them (in whole and in part), to the chiropractic students of their choice.

“We are so grateful to Drs. Gary and Cathie Padden for the confidence they have shown in Sherman by referring students to us,” says Director of Admission Kristy Shepherd. “We know that the Paddens continue to encourage their student referrals throughout their education here at Sherman, and we promise, in accordance with our mission, to educate, graduate and support them as they become competent, compassionate, ethical and successful doctors of chiropractic, whom the Paddens will be proud to welcome to the profession.”

refer student

Padden Five: Tiffany Padden, Abbi Vivoda, Ashley Stalmack, Jeannette Chomic and Nick Schuster


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