A Practical Focus on Chiropractic Technique

Done by Hand

The word “chiropractic” is derived from the Greek words “cheir” and “praktkos,” meaning “done by hand.” That’s why it makes perfect sense that Sherman College’s curriculum is hands-on, from day one. While you’ll have traditional classroom courses, your technique courses will begin right away – and that means you’ll start learning adjusting and analysis skills in your first quarter at Sherman.

Rigorous, Focused Academics

Through a sequenced course of study, Sherman students complete 14 quarters in a wide variety of subjects – including anatomy, physiology, chemistry, radiology, philosophy, research, chiropractic technique and business practice. This diversified education in the basic and clinical sciences will help you understand the scientific rationale for chiropractic and its relationship to human physiology and health.

Chiropractic Internship

The academic program includes a two-year internship in our on-campus Chiropractic Health Center where you’ll fully engage in all aspects of patient care, developing your chiropractic skills through practical, hands-on experience. You’ll provide care using the most modern technique, state-of-the-art analytical and adjusting equipment (including advanced digital x-ray) and the latest research data.

The Sherman System

The Sherman System is our unique approach to chiropractic technique which provides a technologically advanced, philosophically sound, clinically useful approach to chiropractic analysis and adjusting. The Sherman System is the result of collaboration among of dozens of doctors, with a diversity of technical approaches representing hundreds of years of experience.

Jillian Kersh, DC practical focus on technique

Jillian Kersh, DC

“With Sherman’s small class sizes, you receive a lot of individualized help. Plus, you can get involved on campus to strengthen your leadership qualities, which will help in your practice.”

— Dr. Jillian Kersh, Tawas City, MI

Tapiwa Chiwawa, D.C.  practical focus on technique

Tapiwa Chiwawa, D.C.

“Sherman’s more personalized learning environment allows for deeper interaction, making possible close relationships, not only with students but with faculty as well.”

— Dr. Tapiwa Chiwawa, Harare, Zimbabwe

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