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Eric Goans

Chiropractic Patient to Practitioner

Eric Goans became interested in chiropractic when he was 16 years old and a junior in high school. When he began a shadowing experience, he didn’t know anything about chiropractic. He was just looking forward to spending a couple of hours away from school each day.

A few weeks into his internship with the chiropractor in his hometown of Conover, NC, he experienced a football injury from a head-on collision that gave him headaches that would not subside. “I had no motion in my neck and no strength or control of my right arm,” Goans said of the injury that left him fearing that his athletic future would be severely limited. On Monday morning when he arrived for his internship, it took the chiropractor very little time to notice that the young man was in pain and had limited function.

Wendy Parker

“The Mayor”

Wendy Parker is a busy woman. In fact, she’s so busy that friends have dubbed her “the Mayor” because she’s involved herself in so many campus activities. Her previous career in marketing and sales might be a source of her “can-do” attitude, and she knows she gets excited when she thinks about melding her passion for marketing with an ability to deliver great chiropractic care.

A University of North Carolina Chapel Hill graduate, Parker was working in the Career Services Office at Gardner-Webb University in 2000 while completing her MBA when she drove a busload of students to a career fair in Charlotte, NC. At the career fair she met a recruiter for BellSouth. “I was intrigued by the conversation I had about the technical sales opportunity and was impressed by the reputation and stability of Atlanta-based BellSouth,” Parker says of the meeting that launched a 10-year career in the telecommunications industry.

Justin & Andrew Peasley

Family Plan

The Peasley brothers have a plan – a family plan. Justin and Andrew know exactly what they want to do when they graduate from Sherman. The natives of Lakeview, MI, will move back home and open Peasley Brothers Chiropractic together in the nearby town of Holland.

The seed for that plan was planted nine years ago when Justin and Andrew met Gary and Cathie Padden, D.C.s, through their friends Andy, who is now also a student at Sherman, and Ally Padden. The four all attended Lake View High School and Central Michigan University together.


Niquisheila (Keisha) Hall Smith

Family Experience

Keisha Hall first learned about chiropractic as a career from a conversation she had with a recruiter from a chiropractic college who visited her genetics class at Valdosta State University. “I was working on a degree in biology and my aim was to attend medical school after I finished my undergraduate degree and become a pediatrician,” Smith said of the moment that she became aware that there were other options for her.

“The recruiter talked about alternative healthcare and how you could positively affect someone’s life without being invasive,” Smith remembered from the day that opened her mind to new possibilities. “A light bulb went off. It was so natural to think that I could affect people’s lives by just using my hands. I thought that was amazing.”

David Tan

A New Career for a Military Man

When David Tan was 19 years old and entering the Singapore military, a career in chiropractic had never crossed his mind. Now, 23 years later, he’s looking forward to graduating from Sherman in March 2015 and launching his second career back in his home country.

“The only job I really had was in the military,” 42-year-old Tan says of the 21 years he spent in the infantry and military intelligence. He remembers that his primary goal then was “to be a leader of men, to positively touch people’s lives and to play an active role in the defense of my country.”

Ginny Voyles

Passion for Service

Virginia Voyles was first introduced to chiropractic when she attended a business exposition. At the time, the graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in business and a focus on marketing was working in advertising sales, trying to sell to the doctors attending the exposition. A chance meeting with Ben Duke, D.C., led her to go into his chiropractic office to be checked.

“When I visited the office, I learned that chiropractic was so much more than I had thought,” Voyles said of the visit to Chiro One Wellness Center in Mokena, IL. The initial visit led her to become a patient there for two years before she went to work in the office as a chiropractic assistant. She quickly learned, she said, that “everything was really all about the patients.”

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