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Planning a Visit to Sherman?

We can help with a travel voucher!

Do you meet the following criteria?

Travel Voucher

Travel Voucher

  • I live at least 200 miles from Sherman College.
  • I have earned at least 45 hours of college credit. (Transcripts must be submitted for review).
  • I have not recieved the travel voucher for a previous visit to Sherman College.

If you checked yes to all three criteria, then you qualify to receive a travel voucher. This voucher may be redeemed for travel expenses up to $300 incurred during your visit to Sherman College. Eligible expenses are gasoline, airline, bus or train tickets and car rental. All receipts must be submitted to the college by the end of your visit. Reimbursement checks will be issued in the week following the visit. *All out of town guests qualify for one complimentary night’s hotel stay at Sherman’s preferred hotel. Students staying more than one night are eligible to receive the discounted Sherman rate at the Comfort Suites.

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