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Intern adjusts patient's neck from side poster.

Intern adjusts patient

Chiropractic Education for the World: About Sherman College

Sherman College offers an integrated chiropractic education  program. Our graduates are prepared to offer chiropractic care to their communities that is effective, safe, affordable,  and family oriented. Chiropractic is growing as more people want holistic health care. A doctor of chiropractic makes a difference in the lives of patients and in the wider community.

Chiropractic is serving others to improve their health from birth to the end of life. With a natural, preventative approach to health care, chiropractors do not use invasive drugs or surgery, but they help patients achieve good health and function through the body’s natural healing processes so they can perform at their optimum capacity.

“The decision to attend chiropractic college can be life-changing,” says Sherman College President Edwin Cordero, D.C. “These dynamic videos were created for prospective students so they can see for themselves what makes Sherman the preeminent chiropractic college in the world.”

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Carolyn Beatty chiropractic college student

Carolyn Beatty: Career Changer

Changing Career from IT to Chiropractic

“Remember, you don’t choose chiropractic; it chooses you.”

“I was making good money but wasn’t really content in what I was doing,” Beaty says.

“After that third Career Day, I gave my two-weeks notice. It was a pivotal point for me, that one statement.” Since then, Beaty says, her chiropractic education has taken her to another level. Read more⇒

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