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Regents Erene Romanski and Gin Keller

Recruiting On the Road

It is a joy to visit with students who are searching for their career path, as well as the students who have already chosen chiropractic as their path.  I met one student in North Carolina who has been under care since his teen years.  His family had exhausted all other options for him (he had a bladder issue), and then someone told his mother about chiropractic. Within a few months, he no longer had his issue and could enjoy being a teenager—instead of worrying about accidents! His father is an anesthesiologist and is happy to see his son choose chiropractic as a career.

I met another student at Appalachian State who has chosen chiropractic as her career.  She has shadowed five D.C.s and is on a full undergraduate scholarship.  The most amazing part—she has never been adjusted! Her mother had severe migraines and was often in bed for days at a time, and this student watched her mother regain her life under chiropractic care, and she knows that “becoming a chiropractor is my calling.”

It is exciting to share chiropractic with students who may not have been considering a career in chiropractic.  Students are full of hope for their future and are trying to discover where their piece of the puzzle belongs in the world.  It is my goal during my travels to inspire the next generation of students to become Sherman graduates and have fulfilling careers in chiropractic!

New Interns Summer 2014

Interns Join Chiropractic Health Center at Sherman College

Interns Join Chiropractic Health Center at Sherman College

New Interns Summer 2014

New Interns Summer 2014

Nineteen interns celebrated the entrance of the final phase of their chiropractic educationon July 18 during a pinning ceremony at the Sherman College Chiropractic Health Center. The Chiropractic Health Center, located at 2020 Springfield Road in Boiling Springs, is a teaching clinic for chiropractic students in their final stage of internship prior to graduation from the doctor of chiropractic program.

The teaching environment, coordinated by licensed doctors of chiropractic, allows interns to practice chiropractic under close supervision and constant consultation. Because the clinic is open to the public, residents in Upstate South Carolina experience excellent chiropractic care at affordable prices through nearly 20,000 patient visits per year. Interns also care for a number of pro bono patients.

During the ceremony, the interns took the Pledge of Professionalism. A charge was given by Dean of Clinics Adam Morrell, D.C., CCSP, and the interns’ nametags were pinned onto their blue clinic jackets.

“Sherman students transitioning into their clinical internship at the Health Center are well prepared to deliver quality and effective care to our friends and neighbors in the greater Spartanburg area,” Dr. Morrell said of the recently pinned interns. “These students are the future of the chiropractic profession. On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Sherman College Health Center, we are proud and excited to welcome the newest class of chiropractic interns.”

In the clinical phase of the doctor of chiropractic program at Sherman College, interns practice every aspect of patient care, including case histories, physical and spinal examinations, x-ray, diagnosis, report of findings, chiropractic adjustments and case management. Interns are encouraged to work with the research department to advance the profession with evidence based study; they also complete remaining clinical and business courses.

The chiropractic internship also gives these senior students the opportunity to participate in community events, both in the Health Center and off campus – including spinal screenings, health fairs, school visits, and lunch-and-learn programs – to help them build communication, leadership and community relations skills so they are well prepared for practice following graduation.

The Chiropractic Health Center at Sherman College is open Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Regular visits are $15; visits for students, military members and seniors are $10; special rates are available for families. Walk-ins are accepted, but it is best to call 864-578-8777  to set an appointment with any of our interns, including these who have joined the Health Center:

Joel Cox
Michael Epperson
Kristin Erickson
Cameron Guida
Randall Kruel
Rhonda Lisowe
Tara Madden
Kevin McDade
Samantha Messina
Ben Mohar
Nicholas Murphy
Coleman Pannell
Michael Ray
Savannah Retherford
Azucena Sanchez
Keisha Smith
Virginia Voyles
Alexia Williams
Amanda Woods

For more information, visit www.sherman.edu/hc .

Breakfast First!

Top 5 tips to a successful finals week!

Top 5 tips to a successful finals week!

1. Eat a good breakfast – I am sure everyone has heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Give you brain the food it needs to get you through those tough exams.  One of my childhood favorites is an egg in a hole.

2. Get lots of sleep – I know it is hard to sleep when you are trying to cram as much information in as possible, but the more you sleep the better. Things you have studied go from short term to long term, and you will be able to think clearly when your professors give you those questions that are not straight from the notes, and you actually have to apply the information!

3. Study for your last final first. By the end of the week you will be so burnt out that you just want to be finished. You will not want to study for that last final, but if you study for it first,  then all you have to do is review!

4. Stay calm. When you are in the middle of your exam, and you are starting to feel overwhelmed, close your test, put down your pen, take a deep breath. Pray if you feel so lead to do, and then get back to work!  
You have worked had all quarter. Now is the time to be rewarded!

5. Remember this too shall pass – in 4 days summer breaks starts!

C is for Cumulative

C is for cumulative.

C is for cumulative. That is what the chiropractic curriculum is, cumulative.

I hear people all the time say things like “C’s get degrees” or “C is for chiropractor”. I encourage everyone to strive for a grade higher than a C. The problem is that a C means your understanding of the topic is just enough to get you by. But just getting by becomes a struggle.

There comes a point sooner than later where the questions start to build on one another. Information from one class can be tested in a different class, and the information that you crammed in before the last test and then forgot comes back to get you.

Or my personal favorite…You must answer the first question correctly to know what the second question is even asking! If you goal is only to get a C by the time you have forgotten parts of your classes (and you will forget parts) you will most likely not pass your boards!

This week my fellow classmates and I are reviewing for our entrance exam. Entrance Exam has 6 stations timed at 5 minutes each. It is a culmination of several classes starting from 1st quarter. As we are reviewing and asking questions it becomes very obvious of our areas of weakness. Things we half learned the 1st time, things we have forgotten, or areas where we know the information but struggle to compile it correctly.

We will make it through entrance exams with a C or better because C is for Chiropractor!