Dr. Leslie Wise

Dr. Leslie Wise

Leslie Wise, DC, BA

Leslie M. Wise is a professor of clinical sciences. He has a B.A. from the University of California – San Francisco (1966) and a D.C. from Palmer College of Chiropractic (1974). He has been a member of the faculty since 1974, teaching Practice Management and Ethics and Jurisprudence and works as a consultant and expert witness in chiropractic malpractice cases.

He has consulted or testified in 40 cases over the past 25 years in SC, NC, GA, and MA. He has retired from active practice, but fills in for his son who has taken over the practice. He regularly presents continuing education in the area of Ethics and Standard of Care; He has been with Sherman College since 1974, and enjoys growing tomatoes and investing.

“I have had a remarkable 40 years in chiropractic and encourage students to fully explore the profession,” he says.

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