The Sherman PRIDE

Larry the Sherman PRIDE

Larry the Sherman PRIDE

A lion stands for truth, strength and leadership.
A PRIDE is a family of lions, and Sherman College is a family.

The Sherman PRIDE mascot is not just a slogan. It’s a symbol and statement of the sense of family that we share at Sherman–faculty, students, alumni, staff and the chiropractic community are all part of that PRIDE.

Sherman PRIDE liom

Sherman PRIDE

At Sherman, everyone knows your name. You get personal attention from faculty members, and you bond with your quarter-mates.

The PRIDE offers many student clubs with opportunities to get involved with upper or lower quarter students and with the local community and alumni.

These opportunities for networking and learning help you find your best path in chiropractic.

Our PRIDE reflects the college’s vision statement, which is “Adjusting the World for a Better Future.” The mission of the college is to educate and prepare students to become doctors of chiropractic and is achieved through activities in the areas of education, research and service.

We aim to be the leader in bringing chiropractic to the world by educating, graduating and supporting chiropractors who are compassionate, competent, ethical and successful.

ROAR: Reach Out And Recruit for Sherman College

Reach out and Recruit for Sherman


That is truly a goal we can take PRIDE in. Alumni, show your PRIDE by being a member of our ROAR program to recruit future chiropractors.

Our Mascot, Larry the Sherman PRIDE, loves to visit at student events, Lyceum and local career fairs when he can work it into his schedule.

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