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Dr. Bob Irwin

Dr. Bob Irwin

Robert Irwin, DC, AS

Robert L. Irwin is Vice President for Academic Affairs, Provost,  and an assistant professor of clinical sciences. He has a D.C. from Life (1979) and an A.S. from SouthWestern Michigan College (1976). He has been with the college since 1998 and has taught several clinical science courses over the last 13 years.  He enjoys golf, reading, fishing and playing with his granddaughters.

Chiropractic chose him when he watched his wife’s life change as a result of chiropractic care. Chronic health problems that were unresponsive to conventional medical treatment improved as a result of specific chiropractic care from Dr. K. R. Jones, who challenged Dr. Irwin to learn more about the profession.

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