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Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research interests include chiropractic methodology, radiological techique, spinal dynamics, stereoscopic imaging,  microbiology and nanotechnology. Click on Researcher’s name for mentor profile or see the Faculty Directory.

Dr. George Luo research interests

Dr. George Luo

Pengju (George) Luo, M.D., M.S., Ph.D.

gluo@sherman.edu ext. 279

Mentor Profile

Dr. Luo’s research interests are in the interdisciplinary areas of microbiology and nanotechnology, focusing on the study of the antimicrobial applications and detection of bacterial species via the use of nanomaterials such as nanoparticles and nanotubes.

In addition to his work at Sherman, he also holds an Adjunct Assistant Professor position in the Department of Biological Science at Clemson University.
His areas of interest include the following:

Antimicrobial activity using nanotechnology with carbon nanotubes
Fluorescent imaging using nanomaterials for location and surgery for cancers
Nutri-ceuticals – including adding more nutrients, increasing self life by eliminating bacteria
Understanding chiropractic technique and becoming more educated about chiropractic research

Dr. John Hart  research interests

Dr. John Hart

John F. Hart, D.C., M.H.S.

jhart@sherman.edu ext. 232

Mentor Profile

Dr. John Hart is also a program committee member for the South Carolina Upstate Research Symposium. His research interests include:

Reliability of tests for subluxation
Outcomes research on tests for the neurological interference component of the vertebral subluxation

Dr. Cynthia Gibbon research interests

Dr. Cynthia Gibbon

Cynthia B. Gibbon, B.A., M.T., D.C.

cgibbon@sherman.eduext. 234

Mentor Profile

Dr Cindy Gibbon’s areas of interest focus on alternative methodology for pattern work.


Dr. Laura Green-Orndorf research interests

Dr. Laura Green-Orndorf

Laura R. Greene-Orndorff, R.T., A.S., B.S., D.C.

ext. 249

Mentor Profile

Dr. Laura Orndorff’s areas of interest include improvement of the knowledge base and educational programs dealing with radiology.

Dr. Lafayette Briggs research interests

Dr. Lafayette Briggs

Lafayette Briggs, M.T., D.C.

ext. 314

Dr. Lafayette Briggs’s areas of interest include the following:

Stereoscopic digital imaging for precise x-y-z coordinate mapping for describing spinal alignment
Measuring sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system by pupil response to spinal adjustments for more effective technique

Dr. Pat Kuhta research interests

Dr. Pat Kuhta

Patricia Kuhta, D.C., B.S.

ext. 266

Mentor Profile

Dr. Pat Kuhta’s areas of interest include the following:

Spinal biodynamics
Radiology and Radiography related topics
Vertebral misalignment/ subluxation research

Dr. Kevin Power research interests

Dr. Kevin Power

Kevin Power, D.C.

kpower@sherman.edu ext. 203

Mentor Profile

  • Dr. Kevin Power’s areas of interest includea nalysis of people dealing with high stress jobs, those with potential repetitive stress disorders, e.g. production line, and the area of physical fitness/performance.
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