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Sherman's 125th Commencment June, 21, 2014

Sherman’s 125th Commencment June, 21, 2014

Graduation Requirements

Program Student Learning Outcomes  for Doctor of Chiropractic Degree

Program Student Learning Outcomes PDF

Upon completing the requirements for the doctor of chiropractic degree at Sherman College, the student will be expected to:

1. Integrate the philosophical principles of chiropractic into the care of patients, (Institutional Goals C2 and C8)

2. Demonstrate an understanding of human physiology, health assessment and wellness promotion, and their relationship to the science of chiropractic, (Institutional Goals C4 and C6)

3. Integrate the knowledge acquired in the didactic program that is pertinent to the safe and effective practice of chiropractic into practical application in the care of patients, (Institutional Goal C7)

4. Communicate the objectives of chiropractic care in both written and verbal form, (Institutional Goals C2 and C8)

5. Perform those functions necessary to operate a successful chiropractic practice, (Institutional Goal C10)

6. Demonstrate an inculcation of ethical values and a recognition of his/her responsibility to serve the patient as a primary health care provider, (Institutional Goal C9)

7. Locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations effectively and safely including the following:

a.  Elicit and record the appropriate information for a patient’s case history, (Institutional Goal C7)

c. Conduct an appropriate physical and spinal examination, (Institutional Goal C7)

d. Conduct an appropriate x-ray examination and interpret the findings, (Institutional Goal C7)

e. Integrate case history data, physical and spinal exam findings, and x-ray findings into a comprehensive diagnosis and develop a plan of care for each patient which includes consultation with, co-management with, and/or referral to other health care providers when indicated, (Institutional Goal C7)

f. Perform spinal adjustive procedures, (Institutional Goals C3 and C5)

g. Identify an emergency or life-threatening situation and apply the appropriate care or procedures, (Institutional Goal C7)

h. Create and maintain appropriate patient records that are accurate,legible and complete. (Institutional Goals C7 and C10)

Graduation Requirements

The college requires satisfactory completion of all courses for the doctor of chiropractic degree. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation.

Students transferring from other chiropractic colleges must complete a minimum of one academic year of enrollment and earn the final 25 percent of the total credits required in the doctor of chiropractic degree program at Sherman College.

Attendance at graduation is mandatory. 

The student must complete the program in six (6) calendar years to be awarded the doctor of chiropractic degree.
Before the college grants a degree, candidates for graduation must be cleared in the following areas:

  • Any outstanding tuition, fees and/or other debts owed to the college must be paid to the Business Office
  • The vice president for academic affairs must give clearance indicating that all academic requirements have been met
  • The dean of chiropractic health services must give clearance indicating that all clinic requirements have been fulfilled
  • Any outstanding materials borrowed through the college library must be returned.
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