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Health Center case doctor evaluates intern performance

Health Center case doctor evaluates intern performance

Sherman prepares our students with a solid foundation in chiropractic techniques from classroom to clinic.

More than a prescriptive set of protocols, the Sherman System is a technologically advanced, philosophically sound, clinically useful approach to the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation.

It provides a mental framework for interns to employ clinical reasoning skills. The technique curriculum addresses the entire spine from occiput to pelvis, and gives special attention to the unique neurodynamics of the upper cervical region.

Once this foundation has been laid, we encourage students to explore additional proprietary technical approaches through our elective program. Techniques such as Gonstead, Pierce, Blair, Activator are avaliable electives. (see catalog).

What do we mean when we say…

Technologically Advanced

Our spinal thermography employs digital infrared technology, an advanced thermograph management system with innovative pattern analysis methods developed at Sherman College.

Cutting edge digital radiographic analysis equipment

Philosophically Sound

The principles that we employ in the analysis and detection methods utilized in our system are philosophically sound as well as scientifically valid.

Clinically Useful

It incorporates some the very best adjusting methods (from Gonstead, Pierce, Palmer, Thompson, Diversified) with the Toggle-Recoil as its centerpiece. Our interns are proficient in supine, prone, side posture and seated adjusting methods adapted from some of the most commonly utilized techniques.

It is a system capable of identifying the existence of vertebral subluxations throughout the entire spinal column, regardless of the patients’ symptomatology.

Our approach to technique is a congruent and cohesive approach, not a patchwork of different technique systems.

The Sherman System is the result of collaboration between of dozens of doctors, with a diversity of technical approaches representing hundreds of years of experience.

It is centrally focused on the vertebral subluxation as the clinical entity which clearly identifies chiropractic care as distinct from any other health care paradigm.

We believe that a well trained chiropractor should be prepared to adjust any spinal segment in a variety of ways.

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