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Chiropractic Student Clubs

Chiropractic student clubs help students learn more about specific chiropractic techniques and philosophy in faculty-sponsored clubs– like Upper Cervical, Gonstead, Blair–as well as being involved with national and international groups such as New Beginnings, WCCS and SABCA. Club information and documents are available on the intranet

See meeting days below. Click on name of club for mission and purpose. Clubs meet at 11 am during the break unless otherwise noted.


National / International Organizations

Special Interests

Club Meetings by Day and Room
Rooms Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
26C WCCS –
11 am
36A Lounge Lounge Lounge Lounge Lounge
37A Palpation –
11 am
11 am
Network Spinal
11 am
37B Gonstead –
11 am
11 am
Toggle Lab
11 am
38 1 & 3 Tuesdays
11 am
Maximized Living
11 am
39 —– Faculty Meetings
—— —– —–
40 Little Spines
11 am
11 am
11 am
New Beginnings
11 am
11 am
HC10 Adjusting Lab
11 am
OC3 Christian
Chiropractic 11 am


Mission-To introduce and educate students on Activator Methods technique.
Purpose/Objective- To locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations through the use of low force instrumentation. To introduce Activator Methods, components of an activator scan, leg checks, the activator adjusting instrument and allow students time to practice in a supervised setting.

AK – Applied Kinesiology

Mission-To spread campus awareness of AK and to train students in the philosophy, art and science of applied kinesiology.
Purpose/Objective-To share the philosophy, art and science of applied kinesiology and the concepts of styles of chiropractic based off of applied kinesiology as its foundation.


Mission-To improve fitness, build leadership skills, and to strengthen relationships between students outside of the classroom through various extracurriulcar activies that may also positivity represent the school in the community.

Blair Club/ UC

Chiropractic Student Government

Mission-To provide a formal, organized forum that empowers students to act as leaders representing the interest of the student body.
Purpose/Objective-To build leadership skills and relationships among students as they work within the goverance process to address the needs of the student body. To serve as the liason between the student body and the administration by representing the student interest. Membership is composed of students from all academic quarters and is open to all interested students. CSG has the responsibility for oversight of all campus clubs. CSG has the responsibilty of providing opportunities to enhance the graduate student life experience at Sherman College.

Christian Chiropractic

To provide a place of Christian fellowship, representing Christ and serving one another on the campus of Sherman College. Personal faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible as God’s Word is the basis of our fellowship.



Mission-To provide the student chiropractor with a thorough comprehension of the chiropractic principles, philosophy, science and art through the Gonstead technique system.
Purpose/Objective- To perform with complete courage,a technique to find and fix, by hand only, a vertebral subluxation.

IFCO – International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations

Mission-To support and advance the practice of chiropractic that is exclusive for the location, analysis, and correction of vertebral subluxation because vertebral subluxation, in and of itself, is a detriment to the fullest expression of life.
Purpose/Objective-To help train students to be able to communicate effectively the philosophy of chiropractic to future practice members, and to become leaders and experts in the field of chiropractic.

Little Spines

Mission-To educate the student chiropractor on the importance of adjusting children, to learn how and when to adjust children.

Maximized Living

Mission-To help people change and manage their health care from an outside in prospective to an inside out prospective via the five essentials of Maximized Living philosophy.

Network Spinal Analysis

Mission-To spread campus awareness of Network Spinal Analysis technique and to educate and train students in the philosophy, art and science of NSA.
Purpose/Objective-To educate students about NSA, to create a relationship between Sherman College and certified NSA practitioners in the field, to provide a forum for speakers on NSA, to support the continued knowledge and training received from NSA seminars,and to organize and promote student participation in NSA seminars and events.

New Beginnings Philosophy

Mission-Bringing Philosophy to Practice and Success.
Purpose/Objective-Using Chiropractic principles in practice to help preserve the philosophy. Further our knowledge of the chiropractic principles and how they can be used in practice.



Mission: To provide an opportunity for Sherman College students to learn about, review, and practice the art and skill of palpation.
Purpose/Objective:To introduce student in quarters 1-2 to techniques of palpation. To provide an opportunity for students of quarters 3 & up to review and practice techniques of palpation.To enhance the skills of Sherman students in adjusitng by increasing specificity regarding contact points, analysis, etc.



To help recruit, encourage, and support black persons to study chiropractic. The organization encourages research and development of the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic. It also donates time and service to health clinics, provides community education and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience among Doctors of Chiropractic

Sacro occipital Technique

Mission-To promote awareness, understanding and utilitzation of the SOT method of chiropractic as founded and developed by Dr. Major Bertrand DeJarnette.

Sherman College Sports Council

Mission-To create and provide high quality opportunities for students to supplement their chiropractic education by experiencing first hand patient centered evidence-based management of on and off field athletic injuries.
Purpose/Objective-The sports council is a student driven group charged with creating and providing quality educational experiences to student members of the college. Experiences will be centered around evidence-based management of athletic injuries.

Upper Cervical


Purpose/Objective-The purpose of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students is to advance and unite the global chiropractic profession through inspiration, integrity and leadership.
Mission of Sherman chapter-To represent SCC and straight chiropractic at the annual world congress. To keep the student body informed of current WCCS events. To be a source of communication between all affliliated WCCS colleges to advance straight chiropractic in WCCS.


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