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The Sherman College Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers is a one-year course designed to enhance the understanding, depth and breadth of chiropractic philosophy. The Academy is committed to helping you become the writer, thinker and speaker you desire to be and that the profession needs.

Candidates will complete a scholarly 100-hour program exploring classical to modern-day philosophy. The program is divided into five live sessions and five distance learning modules. Read the Course Description (pdf).

ACP Europe

ACP Europe

ACP Europe

Register  here online. 
August 2015
– July 2016

Information and dates here. (pdf)

Rhode Island ACP

ACP Rhode Island

ACP Rhode Island

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July 2015
– August 2016

Information and dates here. (pdf)

Drs. Decken & Pennebaker IRAPS 2011

Drs. Decken & Pennebaker IRAPS 2011

The sessions will challenge the thinking process and the application of philosophy in the chiropractic profession. Successful completion of the program leads to membership in the prestigious Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers (ACP).

Note: The ICA Council on Philosophical Chiropractic Standards accepts the successful completion of the ACP for 100 hours towards its Diplomate in Philosophical Chiropractic Standards.

The Sherman College graduate program in chiropractic philosophy is designed for those seeking to deepen their understanding of chiropractic. The one-year course will challenge and inspire you to learn and think more than ever about chiropractic philosophy and its relationship to the above-down-inside-out world view.

“I graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1998.  Looking back now, it was by the grace of God that I have survived in practice this long without a rock solid foundation and true understanding of our Chiropractic Principles and Philosophy.  Thanks to the ACP program, I can finally proudly say:
I am a chiropracTOR passionate about chiropracTIC!
Paul Moon, DC, ACP


Diplomate in Philosophic Chiropractic Standards



The crown jewel of the Council is the 300 hour Diplomate in Philosophic Chiropractic Standards (DPhCS).  This program has produced some of the finest philosophic minds in the profession.  This course is an intense study of Chiropractic theory and its application to practice and patient care. The pride these graduates show in their depth of understanding of how to apply our unique philosophy is well earned.  This program is the only one of its kind and is lauded by both practitioners and educators as the preeminent postgraduate course in Chiropractic study.  ERussell@parker.edu. Contact the Council Chair by email.

The 300+ hour course is an intense study of Chiropractic theory and its application to practice and patient care. Chiropractors who have completed Year 1 and have their LCP through Palmer College or ACP through Sherman College are eligible to start Year 2-3.  

The One-Year Program 

The first year of the Diplomate is actually a stand-alone program of its own.  Like the Diplomate, it is offered through sanctioned chiropractic colleges.  It entails 100 hours of live and online coursework.

The course is designed to fit your busy lifestyle and enhance your practice by solidifying your understanding through philosophy.  The culmination of this program is the writing of a thesis.  The thesis may be on any topic in Chiropractic philosophy.

There are currently over 100 graduates from across the globe.  This course has received glowing endorsements from its graduates without exception!


Council on Chiropractic Philosophy
1110 N. Glebe Rd, Suite 650 Arlington, VA 22201
Phone (800) 423-4690 Fax (703) 351-7893
Eric G Russell, DC, DPhCS (Chair) ERussell@parker.edu
(972) 438-6932 x. 7351
©The ICA Council on Philosophical Chiropractic Standards


DCs: $2195 or $1095 Students
*Sherman reserves the right to cancel the program should minimum registration requirements not be met.

Featured Topics to include:

Vitalism vs. Mechanism
Science & Philosophy Do Work Together
Principles of Practice
Adaptability: A Sign of Life
…and much more!
Read Course Description

Email dcordero@sherman.edu for more information or contact Director of Continuing Education Debbie Cordero , 864-578-8770 x 229

ACP Handouts for Writing

Just released:
The Journal of the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers, v. 1

Journal of ACP vol 1

Journal of ACP vol 1

Read four research projcts by ACP graduates Drs. Myron Brown, Judy Campanale, John Peck and Felicia Stewart.

Available in print and in kindle format at Amazon.

The world has changed considerably in the past 100 years.

  • Study the validity of the 33 principles even with many developments in science and technology and examine them for relevance.
  • Re-visit the reasoning process and compare mechanistic and vitalistic thought.
  • Evaluate their relevance and application as you listen, question and synthesize current thinking in biology, chiropractic research, adaptability, ethics and professional identity in the practical application of chiropractic philosophy.

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