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Lyceum 2015, April 30-May 2, Speakers

Expect to be inspired by these nationally-known chiropractic experts.


Peter Amlinger

Ron Castellucci

Mathew Christopher

Tony DeMarco

Dean DePice

Jim Dubel

Andy Forelli

Harvey Garcia

Cherie Goble

Irene Gold

Jeremy & Amanda Hess

Steve Judson

Jami Karr –Infinite Principles

Christopher Kent

Jay Komarek

Tedd Koren

Pat Kuhta

Brian Lieberman

Nalyn Marcus

Sal Martingano

Matt McCoy

Dave Mruz

Jeanne Ohm

Stan Pierce

Scott Rosa

Armand Rossi

Robert Schiffman

Susan Schofield

Fred Schofield

Simon Senzon

Dean Sottile

Robert Tarantino

Keith Wassung

Tim Zook

Email dcordero@sherman.edu for more information or contact Director of Continuing Education Debbie Cordero, 864-578-8770 x 229

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