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Chiropractic Seminars & Workshops

The college offers postdoctoral chiropractic seminars and programs for the purpose of license renewal in most states. The programs are conducted by Sherman College faculty and other well-known and respected chiropractors and extension faculty.

Jillian Kersh

Dr. Jillian Kersh

For more information,
contact Dr. Jillian Kersh
864-578-8770 x.229
800-849-8771 x.229

Seminars are added as they are scheduled.

Date Course Title CE City Website


August 7-9 Directional Non-Force Technique(DNFT)® 21 Newark, NJ https://www.nonforce.com/seminars/
August 15-16 FCS 20 West Palm Beach, FL www.floridachiropractic.org
August 15-16 AO-Module IV 13 Atlanta, GA http://www.atlasorthogonality.com/
August 21-23 Mile High 15 Denver, CO www.milehighchiro.org
August 28-30 Koren Specific Technique 16 Las Vegas, NV www.teddkoren.com
August 29-30 ACP-Euro Frankfort, Germany https://shermancollege.eventsair.com/acp–europe/acp-euro


Sept 18-19 Connecticut Chiropractic Council 6 Milford, CT http://www.ctcouncil.com/
Sept 18-19 Koren Specific Techniqueue 16 San Francisco, CA www.teddkoren.com
Sept 19 Chiropractic Trust 2 Woodbridge, NJ http://thechiropractictrust.com/
Sept 25-26 The Science Behind Chiropractic & Vertebral Subluxation 12 Syracuse, NY http://www.chiropassionconsulting.com/
Sept 26-27 AMC – Chiropractic Management of Visceral Conditions 12 Houston, TX http://freece.amcfamily.com/


Oct 1-3 Blair Annual Conference 20 Las Vegas, NV http://www.blairchiropractic.com/events
Oct 9-11 Directional Non-Force Technique(DNFT)® -2 Day Seminar 14 Atlanta, GA www.nonforce.com/seminars
Oct 10-11 IRAPS  12 Spartanburg, SC www.sherman.edu/iraps
Oct 16-18 Koren Specific Technique 16 Dallas, TX www.teddkoren.com
Oct 17 Animal Adjusting with Dr. Jay Komarek 6 Spartanburg, SC www.sherman.edu
Oct 17-18 AO-Advanced 13 Atlanta, GA http://www.atlasorthogonality.com/


Nov 8 AO Basic I Seoul, Korea
Nov 6-8 Directional Non-Force Technique(DNFT)® – 3 Dayue 14 Los Angeles www.nonforce.com/seminars
Nov 6-8 Koren Specific Techniqueue 16 Dallas, TX www.teddkoren.com
Nov 13-14 The Science Behind Chiropractic & Vertebral Subluxation 12 Dallas, TX Chiropassion Consulting
Nov 14-15 AO-Advanced 13 Seattle, WA www.advancedorthogonal.org/symposium
Nov 14-15 FCS 20 St Petersburg, FL www.floridachiropractic.org


Dec 4-6 Koren Specific Technique 16 Seattle, WA www.teddkoren.com
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