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Jeff FrancoJeff Franco

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Undergraduate schooling: Louisiana State University
Age: 22

Why did you choose Sherman College?
I worked with two chiropractors who both graduated from Sherman College, and they both spoke very highly of it.

Activities you are involved in at Sherman College:
Diversified Club

Favorite thing to do or place to go on a Saturday night:
Delaney’s Irish Pub and Wild Wings in downtown Spartanburg; watching movies at home and with friends

Favorite thing about Sherman College:
I like the fact that Sherman is a small school. You get the chance to know almost everyone.

Most challenging thing about Sherman College:
The classes are difficult at times, but the most challenging thing is walking up “cardiac hill” every day

Advice for students choosing chiropractic as a career and/or coming to Sherman College:
Don’t listen too much to the opinions of others- you have to do what you want, even if it is not the most popular thing!

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