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Holly ClarkeCourtney Jones

Hometown: Dillon, South Carolina
Undergraduate schooling: B.S. in Health Science from Clemson University
Age: 26

Why did you choose Sherman College?
The philosophy and the location, in that order. Nothin’s finer than to be in Carolina!!

Favorite thing to do or place to go on a Saturday night:
Live music at Delaney’s Pub in downtown Spartanburg or Thai food at Bangkok

Favorite thing about Sherman College:
The personal attention you gain from the small class size. Not only do I love the people, but I love the sense of closeness and the feeling of “home” at Sherman College.

Most challenging thing about Sherman College:
Recognizing the chaos that life brings….and being able to set it aside in order to keep your vision.

Advice for students choosing chiropractic as a career and/or coming to Sherman College:
Become philosophically grounded! Look beyond the academics and figure out how YOU can make a difference!

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