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Sam RallsSam Ralls

Hometown: Maurertown, VA

Undergraduate schooling: B.S. in Biology from Shenandoah University

Age: 24

Family here with you: Wife Lauren and two sons, Ethan (3) and Isaiah (5 months)

Why did you choose Sherman College?
I love the dedication by faculty and supporters of Sherman, maintaining what chiropractic is and what it should be. You could not ask for a better environment to learn in.

Favorite thing to do or place to go on a Saturday night:
Spend time with my family, visiting the local attractions and visiting with other friends and family

Favorite thing about Sherman College:
The warm welcome and support of the faculty and staff. The small class sizes and things offered inside and outside of class to further our chiropractic education.

Most challenging thing about Sherman College:
The fast paced education that requires you to stay on top of things- it was an adjustment from undergraduate education.

Advice for students choosing chiropractic as a career and/or coming to Sherman College:
Choose chiropractic because it is something that you really feel is right for you. Research and observe chiropractors in practice before making a life-long decision.


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