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Danson Wong

Dansen Wong

Hometown:  Selanger, Malaysia
Undergrad college: University College Sedaya International
Degree earned, if any: - Age:  19

Family here with you: None

Why did you choose Sherman College?
Sherman College puts a lot of emphasis on what matters most in chiropractic; adjusting the spine and removing subluxations. I like how they provide scholarships to students from developing countries, giving the opportunity to bring chiropractic to our home country.

Activities you are involved in at Sherman College:
Participating in clubs like palpation, diversified and Christian chiropractic club.

Favorite thing to do or place to go on a Saturday night:
Hanging out with friends at home, playing video games, watching movies and eating chips

Favorite thing about Sherman College:
Small classes and helpful lectures make Sherman college a great learning place.

Most challenging thing about Sherman College:
Planning your time well to handle the heavy workload

Advice for students choosing chiropractic as a career and/or coming to Sherman College:
Have an open mind about the concept of chiropractic. Visit the school and a chiropractor and learn more about this profession. If you find joy and satisfaction in helping people, this is the place and the career for you.

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