Pay it forward to the ADJUST Fund

Pay it Forward: Giving to the Adjust fund

Your donations to Sherman College make a difference in the lives of hundreds of future chiropractors. Meet one of them, a student named Will Ferguson who graduates in June.

Will Ferguson

Will Ferguson

Will came to us first as a patient in our on-campus Health Center, a teenage athlete (golf and basketball) at Byrnes High School looking for relief from sports injuries. His pastor’s son was an intern at Sherman at the time and he sought his chiropractic care. Will immediately appreciated the benefits of chiropractic and stayed with it. Over time he noticed that his overall health improved.

Will stayed under chiropractic care while attending college for a business degree and when he had the opportunity to do an internship with a local business, he asked his chiropractor to accept him as an intern. It ended up changing his life. Will did the internship for business school, but it led to his decision to become a chiropractor.

Will describes his Sherman experience as “awesome.” He appreciates the one-on-one time with professors that Sherman offers, the same thing that he liked about his undergrad school. As a chiropractic intern, he has the opportunity to care for athletes at a local college. With sports playing such a big part in his life, this +4 handicap golfer now knows that he wants to keep it a part of his professional life. He wants to help athletes to keep their spines healthy.

Please be a part of our next success story by paying it forward and sending a donation to help other students like Will realize a solid career in chiropractic.

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