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Every gift makes us stronger

Tim Hartman says he felt like he was a part of the Sherman family long before he enrolled. He credits Sherman’s enrollment staff and a student ambassador who visited his undergrad college with inspiring the sentiment.

Tim Hartman, DC2BE

Tim Hartman, DC2BE

Now that he’s been here more than a year, he is experiencing, first hand, the family atmosphere that fosters his growth and confidence as a DC2B. “Everyone helps each other, and you realize we’re all here for a common goal – to become skilled adjusters, passionate about serving our communities.”

Like so many alumni, Tim’s first experience with chiropractic care was life-changing, but it took the attention and guidance of a chiropractor to influence his decision to pursue a career in the profession.

Each year the college reaches out to our alumni and friends for support so that we can not only continue to educate chiropractors, and help students like Tim fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors of chiropractic, but also build our outreach and recruitment efforts so that Tim and others like him can find a home at Sherman College.

Sherman’s influence in the world is expanding. Your support allows us to make more college visits, attend career fairs, hold career sessions locally and globally, build a network of chiropractors willing to help us grow, and coordinate a group of student volunteers to mentor prospective students.

Every gift makes us stronger as an institution. Each expression of support gives our faculty and staff validation for their work in helping Sherman students become highly skilled, compassionate chiropractors to join you in the profession.

As BJ Palmer said, “We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” Be a part of this exciting time in our history. Donate now.

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