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Each Gift Matters to the ADJUST Fund

Each Gift Matters

Annual giving has been a key part of our fundraising since the college was established in 1973. We ask for your support now so that Sherman College can continue to enhance the educational program and campus facilities for students like these to fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors of chiropractic. Every gift makes a difference.


These are some of the accomplishments we made over the past year because you and others like you give to Sherman:

  • Equiped every room in the Chiropractic Health Center with state-of-the-art adjusting tables
  • Offered more scholarships to ease the loan burden on our students
  • Attracted more students to the college through expanded recruitment efforts
  • Made needed repairs and upgrades to the facilities and grounds

Be a part of the changes and improvements at Sherman with your donation today.

  • Donate online through our secure server
  • Send your donation via Paypal to donate@sherman.edu
  • Call 864-578-8770 x 277 or 240 to donate with credit card via phone
  • Mail your donation to:

Institutional Advancement
Sherman College of Chiropractic

PO Box 1452
Spartanburg, SC 29304



Meet Melinda, a 9th-quarter student from Sevierville, TN.  She commutes home most weekends to spend time with her husband, Phil, and daughters, Abigail and Roslyn, who sometimes don’t understand why Mommy is away from home. Raised in a chiropractic family, Melinda says she never had a personal “aha moment” about how great chiropractic is, but can remember patients barely functioning coming into her father’s office and walking out with new hope.  She wants more parents to understand the importance of a properly working nervous system to their children’s health and performance.



Meet Ryan. At 22 years old, he is one of the youngest students at Sherman and is transitioning into the role of intern in the Chiropractic Health Center.  He is a member of the Christian Chiropractic Club, IFCO and serves as a tutor for several basic science courses in the Student Success program.  Ryan plans to return to Grand Rapids, MI, to join his father in practice. “Seeing my dad help patients enjoy restored health through non-invasive, subluxation correction has given me a passion to do the same. I was inspired by my father to become a chiropractor,” he says.



Meet Sean, a 37-year-old student from the southwest suburbs of Chicago.  He’s changing careers from real estate sales and contracting.  He appreciates all of the great chiropractors who have laid a strong philosophical foundation and serve as inspiration as he earns his doctor of chiropractic degree. After graduation Sean wants to associate with “a philosophically rooted, education-minded, outrageously dynamic chiropractor” so he can continue to learn how to establish a great principled chiropractic practice.

Ashley Liew


Meet Ashley, an 8th-quarter student from Singapore. A competitive runner, Ashley learned about chiropractic in a symposium for athletes.  After receiving regular chiropractic care, he noticed that his performance improved dramatically, helping him to achieve the distinction of being the fastest man in Singapore in 2012. Ashley also saw other practice members of his chiropractor, Sherman alumnus Kelvin Ng, benefiting from chiropractic care. “I knew with conviction that this was what I wanted to do; that being a chiropractor would allow me to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Hector Morales


Meet Hector, a former pharmacy store manager from Ponce, Puerto Rico. After the Philosophy I class taught by Dr. Bill Decken, his belief was confirmed. He understood that this is where he is meant to be, that chiropractic is his calling. This 4th-quarter student looks forward to serving others with love and chiropractic as a student intern in the Chiropractic Health Center. A member of the Delta Sigma Chi Professional Chiropractic Fraternity, the Hispanic Club and a regular attendee of Dynamic Essentials, Hector plans to practice in Alexandria, VA.

Kaya Miller


Meet Kayla, a first quarter student from Woodbridge, VA.  Within five minutes of meeting a chiropractor and hearing the chiropractic concept of health, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. As she was looking for a health career, she shadowed the doctor. When he asked her to work as his assistant, the opportunity solidified her decision to pursue a career in the field. She worked in the office while finishing her pre-requisites to attend Sherman and now is planted firmly in her career path.

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