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Thank you to all the individuals who have contributed to Sherman College’s growth and success throughout its history. In addition to the Donor Honor Roll published annually, we recognize these groups of donors:

President’s Circle Regents

President’s Circle Regents recognizes donors of the college giving at a level of $10,000 per year with a black blazer with an embroidered Sherman crest. See the members of the President’s Circle.

Board of Regents

Members of the Sherman College Board of Regents support the college with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. This distinguished group of dedicated individuals also works to increase enrollment and gives strong leadership and guidance to the college.

Historically, this board has provided the support that has allowed the college to develop and grow to its current high level of esteem within the chiropractic profession. Today’s strong support from this group will build an even brighter future for Sherman College and the students it serves. See the members of the  Board of Regents.

Heritage Society

Heritage Society members have distinguished themselves by making a strong commitment to the future of Sherman College through donations in excess of $100,000. The impact of these donations cannot be overstated. They have played a pivotal role in helping the college develop into the fine educational institution it is today. We recognize and thank them for their generosity and support.
See Heritage Society Members.

Legacy Society

Many of us desire to pass on the opportunities Sherman College has given us. The Sherman College Legacy Society recognizes those who answer that call. By using innovative gifting plans to ensure future gifts, members of the Sherman College Legacy Society are displaying their belief in the enduring value of Sherman College. By providing information on your planned gift, you become an honored member of the Sherman College Legacy Society. The college will keep the details of your gift confidential, and you are welcome to decline public recognition. However, public recognition is encouraged so you may be an inspiration to others.
See Legacy Society Members.

Corporate Partners

Sherman College thanks its corporate sponsors for their continued support.

Dr. Bob Schiffman Reach the World with Chiropractic

Dr. Bob Schiffman Reach the World with Chiropractic

Reach the World with Chiropractic




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