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Heritage Society members have distinguished themselves by making a strong commitment to the future of chiropractic and Sherman College through donations in excess of $100,000. The impact of these donations cannot be overstated. They have played a pivotal role in helping the college develop into the fine educational institution it is today. We recognize and thank them for their generosity and support.

Dr. Ercil and Mrs. Maxine Beane of Marshalltown, Iowa (Deceased)
The Beanes were supporters of Sherman College since its inception and served on the Board of Regents. In addition to being regular financial supporters they supported the college by referring many students over the years. They spent much time in international countries increasing awareness of chiropractic and were especially active in sponsoring international students who want to pursue a career in chiropractic.

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Kathleen Berkowitz of Highland Park, New Jersey
Bob and Kathleen serve as Regents and Dr. Berkowitz has served as a member of the Board of Trustees. They support Sherman through their generous financial support, and Dr. Berkowitz has referred many students to the college. His generosity was especially helpful to the college as it went through a difficult period prior to attaining CCE accreditation.

Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Helen McPike Brown of Spartanburg, South Carolina
After retiring from practice, Dr. Brown, along with his wife, Helen, have remained very active in their support of the profession. They are a very special couple who donated their home in Sedona, Arizona, to Sherman College so that the college could build the Brown House and Museum on campus. They serve on the Board of Regents and have become an integral part of the Sherman family by participating in many campus activities all year long.

Dr. John and Mrs. Janet Degenhart of Hazelton, Pennsylvania
The Degenharts have been faithful and steady supporters of the college since John’s graduation from Sherman College in September 1980. They have served on the Board of Regents since 1982.

Dr. Teresa Galant of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dr. Galant has been a staunch supporter of the college since her graduation in June 1983. When Teresa inherited funds from her parents’ estate, she unselfishly donated a substantial amount to Sherman College because she said she knew her parents “would want it to go to a worthy cause.”

Dr. Thom Gelardi, founder and first president of Sherman College, and Dr. Betty Gelardi, former faculty member and dean of clinical sciences
Words are not adequate to describe these two individuals who have given so much of themselves to make the dream of Sherman College become a reality. Thom not only founded the college, but his work has impacted the profession in so many ways. Sherman College would not exist today without the sacrifices of these two individuals.

Drs. Reggie (deceased) and Irene Gold of Boca Raton, Florida
In addition to being faithful financial supporters, the Golds have been an important part of the college since its beginning. Reggie served as an administrator and faculty member and Irene as a faculty member before leaving to start another chiropractic college. They have impacted the lives of so many because of their active role in educating the public and chiropractors about the benefits of chiropractic. They have been responsible for many, many, students choosing chiropractic as a career and have always worked to build Sherman’s enrollment.

Dr. William Harris of Alpharetta, Georgia (Deceased)
Dr. Harris was active in the chiropractic profession for many years. He was recognized as one of the profession’s most outstanding speakers and helped many chiropractors realize their practice potential through his work. In 1981 he established the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education, a nonprofit organization that supports grants to various chiropractic colleges throughout the U.S. for the betterment of chiropractic. He helped Sherman College through his challenge grants for many years.

Mrs. Barbara Mumford Kasler of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Deceased)
We recognize Mrs. Kasler for her foresight and generosity in establishing an endowed scholarship fund in memory of her son Rex, a former student of Sherman College, to help others gain a chiropractic education at Sherman.

Dr. Theron and Mrs. Selma Olsen of Sandy, Utah (Deceased)
The Olsens were good friends of Dr. Lyle Sherman, for whom the college is named. Theron Olsen promised Dr. Sherman that he would help Sherman College grow, and the Olsens certainly kept that promise by being very generous supporters. In the year 2000, their substantial gift provided the funds needed for the addition of the Olsen Building on our campus.

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