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The President’s Circle, a prestigious group created in 2013, recognizes donors of the college giving at a level of $10,000 per year. Donors in Dr. Edwin Cordero’s President’s Circle are distinguished with a black blazer with an embroidered Sherman crest.

To express your interest in joining the President’s Circle of donors, please contact the President’s Office (800) 849-8771, ext. 227.

prez-circleThe college thanks the following members of Dr. Cordero’s President’s Circle:

Vince & Darcy Andersen, D.C.
Irene Gold, D.C.
Jeremy & Amanda Hess, D.C.s
Patricia Giuliano & Peter Kevorkian, D.C.s
Richelle & Daniel Knowles, D.C.s
Edward Marram, Ph.D.
Angela & K. Patrick Ray, D.C.
Robyn & Jason Sabo, D.C.
Vicki & Rob Schiffman, D.C.
Parinda & Liam P. Schübel, D.C.
Catherine Silver-Riddell, D.C.
Katie & Shane J. Walker, D.C.

Sherman College crest

The Sherman College Crest
and its Meaning

The Sherman College crest is based on heraldic symbols. A heraldic coat of arms is different from a family coat of arms in that a heraldic coat was usually placed over the armor of knights or noblemen to help identify them and what they stood for. The Sherman crest contains these symbols and colors:

Blue: truth and loyalty
Maroon: patience and victorious
Gold: generosity and elevation of the mind

The lion represents bravery and strength
The vol (set of wings) represents swiftness and protection
The fleur-de-lis represents purity and light
The sun represents the fountain of life
The hands represent faith, sincerity and justice; specifically, the chiropractic hands represent a healing force
The motto in the bottom banner, Prudentia et Manus, is Latin for by skill and by hands, honoring the roots of the chiropractic profession.


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