Sherman: The Chiropractic Advantage


At the heart of Sherman College's mission is educating doctors of chiropractic who are skilled, compassionate, ethical and successful. This means we have a total commitment to the teaching, research and chiropractic practice that places its focus on the correction of vertebral subluxation. This focus on the correction of vertebral subluxation encompasses a broader view of the purpose of chiropractic care.

student in officeThe Sherman doctor of chiropractic program teaches students to help their patients maximize their potential for overall good health and well-being by removing nerve interference due to vertebral subluxations. Finding and correcting misalignments of the vertebra restores nerve function and improves the body's ability to maintain its own health. (This is in contrast to chiropractic care that is directed only toward the alleviation of pain or other symptoms caused by neuromusculoskeletal or other conditions.)

Through this unique focus, Sherman graduates are able to adjusting handsmake a huge impact on the health and lives of their patients by helping the body to function at its best, without interference from subluxation.

At Sherman, our focused instruction includes a modern-day, primary care provider emphasis that provides students with a solid foundation built on vitalistic principles from which to draw as they serve thousands of people in their future practices all over the world. 

fitness centerSherman College offers an environment of like-minded, health-conscious students and faculty who respect the body’s innate recuperative ability and choose to specialize in eliminating the negative impact of vertebral subluxations on a person’s health and performance.

That’s the Sherman Advantage.

The Sherman Difference

Our mission calls us to educate, graduate, and support competent, compassionate, ethical and successful doctors of chiropractic who excel as primary health care providers centered on vertebral subluxation correction.

This is a tall order – but we meet the challenge because the focus of our curriculum is on vertebral subluxation education, which transcends the typical "symptom treatment" model of health care. 

baby adjust

A Sherman education gives students a distinct advantage.  They have the ability to integrate the duties of a primary care chiropractic provider from a modern-day health care perspective with an appreciation for vitalistic principles – mainly that the body is a self-regulated, self-healing organism when there is no interference on spinal nerves. 

We acknowledge and appreciate the potential for improved health when the body is free of interference from vertebral subluxation.  At Sherman College, chiropractic care is more than just symptom relief.

It's about helping people of all ages – from infancy to active senior living – to enjoy better health under chiropractic care.Students