adjustment Chiropractic among the Best Jobs for 2013

Where will a career in one of the nation’s best jobs take you?
Come to Sherman College and find out!

Did you know that Doctor of Chiropractic was recently named the 11th best job for 2013 by CareerCast? We weren’t surprised by this news because our students and graduates know first-hand the rewards of being a chiropractor. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, you can:

Sherman’s Doctor of Chiropractic program is unique in its approach to health care and known around the world for graduating doctors who are highly skilled in their delivery of chiropractic care. At Sherman, we prepare students to become chiropractors who are compassionate, ethical and successful.

And because chiropractors emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyles, chiropractic care is appealing to many health-conscious Americans. Job growth for the chiropractic profession is assured because of these increasing demands for a more natural approach to health care.

CareerCast’s ranking of Chiropractic as a top job means that the profession scored well in the general categories evaluated – environment, income potential, job outlook and (low) stress. Chiropractic career opportunities include solo practice, associate doctor, multidisciplinary clinic team member, sports team chiropractor, fitness facility chiropractor, educator/administrator and researcher.