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Students Kyle and Courtney Geer ( above left) help with museum arrangements assisted and coordinated by Mrs. Debbie Cordero (above right).

Dr. Lyle Sherman ShingleDr. Lyle Sherman's Office Sign

Dr. Cordero in BJ's ChairEdwin Cordero, president of Sherman College of Chiropractic, sits in a chair that B.J. Palmer sat in at his winter home in Sarasota, Florida, recently donated by the family of Dr. Sid Williams. Dr. Cordero is checking out an old Sherman yearbook. (right)


Old Books

copyright August 6, 2013 -So far, the oldest book in our museum, discovered recently by work study student Kyle Geer, is from 1871. The book is about paralysis and is authored by a medical doctor. 

Paralysis by Dr. George Taylorparalysis







John Hart

Assistant Director of Research John Hart, D.C. (ext. 232) is the curator of the museum which displays artifacts from chiropractic history as well as the history of Sherman College.