3G Living - Plenary- Dr. Dean DePice

Advanced Imaging of the Cervicocranial Junction – An Atlas to Brain Health - Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt

Advanced imaging (MRI) of the Cervicocranial Junction (CCJ) will be reviewed  including vascular and cerebrospinal observations.  Supine versus upright imaging will be discussed.  The Glymphatic system and its integral impact to brain health will be integrated into the CCJ considerations.  Chiari and cerebellar tonsilar ectopia (CTE) observations will be demonstrated as important criteria when adjusting the cervicocrainal region.

Advancements In Upper Cervical Chiropractic / Research & Technique - Dr. Michael Lenarz

Upper Cervical  Chiropractic organizations have attempted to collaborate on research based on different techniques. Research is moving into peer review to establish validity and reliability in procedures to provide evidence of the benefits of upper cervical care for patients with specific conditions, such as hypertension, neuro-degenerative disease and autonomic conditions. Moving into the future, the research may begin to compare effectiveness for wellness and disease, and to look at non-disease/wellness models.

Atlas Orthogonailty - Drs.Matthew and Roy Sweat, D.C.s

Explanation of the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Program Protocol and utilization, and what the unique Upper Cervical Chiropractic Technique brings to the healthcare consumer: diagnostic imaging; examination procedures and diagnosis, and basic sciences

Attract 2-3x More Patients With Social Media Without Spending Money on Advertising - Dr. Matthew Loop

Discover how to attract 2-3x more new patients from social media WITHOUT spending any money on advertising! Find-out how to turn your laptop into a new patient machine that allows you to serve more, achieve your desired practice growth, resulting in more revenue, freedom and contribution

Being the Best You – For Chiropractic’s Sake - Dr. Jack Bourla

Biomechanical Assessment, Adjustment, Rehabilitation & Core Strengthening - Dr. Dean DePice

Assessing patients for the detection of subluxations is what we do.  We stand strong for chiropractic.  This class is designed to provide you with research stating that subluxations and postural distortions are directly related to people suffering with systemic diseases. We do not need evidence, but the research is replete with examples showing that chiropractic is necessary to create a healthy lifestyle and reduce the negative effects of chronic illnesses.

Bio-Geometric Integration:
A Practical Application of Tensegrity and Fractal Biology
- Dr. Sue Brown & Dr. Valerie S. Pennacchio

Cancer, Chronic Illness, KST and Vaccination - Dr. Tedd Koren

Dr. Koren’s roommate at Sherman college died of cancer two years after graduation.  Why?  Find out why “healthy” people, under chiropractic care get cancer and other chronic illness and what you can do to prevent and cure so many of the diseases of civilization.  DD had the right answer all along. Find out (to your horror) why most chiropractic patients (and most chiropractors) are subluxated and where to look for these hidden subluxations.  See (and hopefully experience) KST - Koren Specific Technique which people call “the best adjustment of my  life.”  Deliver superior chiropractic care without expensive equipment - perfect for students as well as DCs. Includes fun videos.  Enjoy information that can save your life and others’ lives.

The Chiropractic Business Institute:
Learn how to market, grow, and succeed in your practice
- Scott Cochran

You've got the knowledge and skill to adjust your patients' spines and improve their lives. Now learn the finer points of business that are critical to build and prosper in your practice from a professional with experience teaching business principles to business people, every day. This seminar teaches critical business skills that could mean the difference between success and failure. From marketing and negotiations to operations and cash flow, you will learn the skills you need to prosper in the incredibly competitive chiropractic field.

Chiropractic Philosophy in Action - Dr. Andy Roberts

This presentation will be a fun and lively look into our Chiropractic Philosophy. Some of us have learned it at school and many of us have not, and most of us have discounted it as something apart from the daily activities of providing Chiropractic care. But we are missing out so much on the Chiropractic experience if we allow it to remain separate, so join us in making the connection, in making the philosophy relevant in our daily application!

Contemporary Chiropractic Principles – An Updating of Chiropractic’s Core Meta-Physical Syllogism - Dr. David B. Koch

Dr. Koch will present an overview of chiropractic’s vitalistic philosophy of human existence and its meta-therapeutic approach to health care. He will discuss his twenty two basic metaphysical, biological and chiropractic principles, covering universal and unital consciousness (innate intelligence), the creation, transmission and expression of information, and the possibility of interference during transmission, a living thing’s innate intelligence as the source of its own self-organization, coordination, adaptation, healing and self-actualization, and the problem of vertebral subluxation in human mal-function and mal-adaptation. These principles form the basic outline of the textbook on chiropractic philosophy that Dr. Koch is currently working with Life University to complete.

Contemporary Perspectives on Neural Development:
“From Classroom to Practice
- Dr. Michael Hall

Dr. Hall is “bringing the boom”. This presentation will be both educational and inspirational as we review together the elemental principles of neural development and human creative expression. We will look at critical time frames that have influential impact on neural health. We will also identify key markers of neural development and intervention strategies to consider from a chiropractic perspective.  This class should definitely leave you asking, “where do I get more?”

Creating Wealth for the Chiropractor:
Lessons from 34 Years in Practice
- Dr. Bradley Rauch

This presentation will give you concepts, ideas and practical solutions to get out of debt, increase your cash flow and create wealth for the chiropractor.  The information presented is vitally important given the exponential increase in debt taken on by students and doctors alike.  You've invested greatly in becoming a doctor, now invest in developing the specialized knowledge to become financially free.

Evaluation and Management of Common Sports Injuries:
A Review of Clinical Cases
- Dr. Todd Riddle

This course will review actual cases as seen in a sports chiropractic office.  Participants will be actively engaged in assessment, diagnosis and development of treatment for each case presented.  Cases reviewed will include injuries to the spine and extremities.

Evidence-Informed Chiropractic Practice - Dr. Joel Alcantara

The Evolution of Chiropractic Philosophy and Its Impact on Modern Day Chiropractic Principles and Practice - Dr. Judy Campanale

This course looks at the history and evolution of chiropractic principles and its impact on practice models, public acceptance and professional identity. Discussion includes traditional roots and today’s evidence based practice but focuses on the current divergence in chiropractic practice.

Fulfilling YOUR Dream:
Setting Up and Practicing Chiropractic Outside the U.S.
- Dr. Bradley Rauch

Chiropractic is growing internationally with many chiropractic students and doctors in the U.S. considering practicing overseas.  The possibilities are nearly endless and Dr. Rauch will share his experiences and focus on the realities of practicing chiropractic outside the United States with real world information on practicing outside the U.S. health care delivery system."

Great Expectations:
Chiropractic in Pregnancy for Safer and Easier Births
- Dr. Jeanne Ohm

Dr. Jeanne Ohm is an international author and instructor. In this class she will present the importance of chiropractic care throughout pregnancy for a safer and easier birth outcome.

ICD-10 is Almost Here:
Prepare, But Do Not Fear
- Dr. Matthew Christopher

ICD-10 will have a dramatic impact on chiropractors who interact with insurance companies or Medicare on after October 1, 2014.  This three-hour session will address why the ICD change is taking place and how chiropractors can use this change to our advantage.  Dr. Christopher will address the essential steps to a successful ICD-10 transition, discuss some of the changes in documentation requirements for proper ICD-10 coding, and present a simple method for proper diagnosis coding in a chiropractic office.  The session will conclude with real-world examples for ICD-10-CM codes that may be used to describe segmental dysfunction, vertebral subluxation complex, the Medicare PART exam findings, and Medicare contraindications to the adjustment.

If It’s Not Food, Don’t Eat It!
Understanding the #1 Guideline to Eating for Health
- Kelly Hayford

Learn the latest on the devastating consequences of our health-robbing popular food culture. Learn five universal Eating-for-Health guidelines that cut through nutritional confusion -- and are based on a vitalistic model congruent with chiropractic philosophy. Discover the biggest dietary contributors to inflammation and chronic disease, food additives to avoid, deceptive food labeling, and more. Most importantly, learn how to bring what you’ve learned into the office; and quick, effective ways you and your staff can inspire your patients to eat healthier and get the most from their care – without taking up more of your office time and allowing you to stay focused on chiropractic.

Informed Consent for the Subluxation-Centered Family Wellness Center - Dr. Matthew McCoy

Dr. McCoy’s presentation will focus reviewing and applying the patient centered model of informed consent to a subluxation centered, family wellness practice of chiropractic and how best to communicate related clinical goals to patients.

The Women in Chiropractic Jam Sessions!
- Dr. Nalyn Marcus

Dr. Marcus brings women together to explore and exchange valuable information as we practice our techniques and philosophy that is unique to us as women and to provide a dynamic and ever-changing dialogue that enriches each of us to attain a higher level of expression of ourselves within our chosen practices. This annual gathering of Chiropractic Women meets for the purpose of refueling, reuniting and reigniting our common goals: to serve the world with the gift of chiropractic and our womanhood through the Art, Science and Philosophy that is our core and our passion.

Move from Survival to Thrival Mode - Dana Pittner, C.A.

Our ever-changing environment leads us to react in a survival state of mind within our office. How does one switch to a Thrival state internally? By aligning your office goals to better serve your patients. Standing strong with your systems, procedures and philosophy. Your office will thrive in any climate change. Service matters and so does your chiropractic mission.

  • What is living in Thrival mode?
  • Tools of the trade to help serve fully (Knowledge).
  • How to using the ever-changing climate to better your advantage and stay ahead of the changes (Proactive vs. Reactive).
  • Applying what you know with staff and patients.

“Keep everlasting on top of details for that is what makes or breaks an organization. Be kind but stern. Be firm thoughtful, Principals are important but so are people.” ~ BJP

Online Patient Education for the Chiropractic Office - Dr. Robert Braile

Explore the value and technology of the addition of online healthcare and chiropractic focused patient education and the effect this education can have on compliance and results of care.

Philosophy Acquisition:
How, When and Where We Find Our Why
- Dr. Emily Broniak

Reflecting on how we acquire our chiropractic philosophy and how philosophy is normally acquired in individuals allows us to communicate the WHY of chiropractic in an efficient and successful way to our communities in order to reach more people.  Dr. Emily Broniak has a unique perspective on communicating chiropractic after practicing completely in Spanish (not her native language) for the last 8 years. Come hear how her philosophy was strengthened 10 fold in that time, changing the vision she has for chiropractic on a world level. 

SC Rules and Regulations - Dr. Beth Ehlich

SC Rules and Regulations. This 2 hour class will satisfy the CE requirements for license renewal for DCs licensed in SC. THis class will review the Statute and Regulations for practicing Chiropractic in this state as well as discuss trends and issues that face practicing DCs day to day.

Spinal Analysis and Cervical Chair Adjusting Techniques - Dr. Ron Castellucci & Dr. Kevin Power

This 2 hour course will explore proper analysis and adjusting techniques for the adult cervical spine. The clinical application of select intrinsic para-spinal muscle and inter-segmental motion analysis procedures will be covered. Cervical chair adjusting techniques will be presented.  Important considerations common in all adjusting setups for the adult patient will be reviewed including: patient positioning, proper vector of correction, specificity, appropriate force application and contra-indications.

Transitioning Patients from the Allopathic Model of Healthcare
- Dr. Anthony Carrino

Initial course discussion will review the current trends and views regarding the medicalization of chiropractic.  The course will review and discuss appropriate guidelines and protocols for therapeutic musculoskeletal treatment as dictated by evidenced based care guidelines and promoted through third party pay systems.  All intake questionnaires, functional assessment monitoring forms, treatment time frames and patient education will be explained with end of treatment/patient release discussed accordingly. Documentation will be discussed as it relates to initial examination findings, clinical impression, diagnosis, treatment plan, visit to visit dialogue, reexamination and release from care.  The second part of the course will review foundational principles of chiropractic discussing philosophy, neurophysiology and underlying manifestation of dysfunction, care of the asymptomatic patient, care of non-musculoskeletal complaints, infant/child care, maintenance/wellness care and the research and thoughts supporting appropriate application.  

Uncommon Success - Drs. Amanda and Jeremy Hess

Learn and explore with us how creating different thoughts and beliefs about your daily work and routine can help you achieve uncommon success in life and chiropractic. Regain your joy and see whats possible in what you do on a daily basis and know that in order for your life to get better, your thoughts, beliefs and habits must get better. Join us in going after the uncommon success we all desire!

Universal Intelligence, Innate Intelligence and the Role of the Chiropractic Adjustment -Plenary - Dr. Danny Constable

Update on Imaging in Chiropractic Practice - Dr. Christopher Kent

This course will discuss x-ray spinography, videofluoroscopy, CT, and MRI in the context of vertebral subluxation assessment. Case examples will be presented.

Walking Miracle Chiropractic - Dr. Egill Thorsteinsson

Egill Thorsteinsson, D.C. shares "Steinka's story," the story of a young lady who had been very sick for six years before coming to Egill for chiropractic care. This intriguing story has triggered public interest, controversy and media coverage in Iceland.

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