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Alumni Agree: A Career in Chiropractic Provides a Great Service to Humanity

FEBRUARY 19, 2001 -  According to a recent survey of more than 450 alumni, Sherman College is definitely headed in the right direction - 98 percent of alumni surveyed agree that a career in chiropractic provides a great service to humanity, and 86 percent agree that it is important for the college to maintain its mission as a vertebral subluxation-centered institution.

We were very pleased to see nearly perfect scores on several survey questions,” says Susan Newlin, vice president for planning and assessment. “Despite the focus of many chiropractic media on the challenge of succeeding in practice with the constraints of managed care, most alumni would recommend chiropractic as a rewarding career choice.”

The enrollment services and public relations offices teamed up with Newlin to design the 35-question survey. The survey is part of the college’s ongoing effort to increase student satisfaction and retention. Most survey questions asked the respondent to rate statements on a scale of one to five (strongly disagree to strongly agree), but a few open-ended questions allowed for more specific feedback. For example, alumni were asked to list three adjectives that best describe Sherman College. Most frequently mentioned were focused, dedicated, small, friendly and principled.

Although Sherman College received high marks on many questions, the alumni survey shed some light on areas in which the college can continue to improve. Referrals from practicing chiropractors have been declining, and college staff are seeking new ways to encourage and enable alumni to refer more prospective students to Sherman College.

Chiropractors don’t always know how to bring up the subject of considering chiropractic as a career,” Newlin says. “Surveys have shown that interested students tend to initiate those conversations. We intend to provide chiropractors with materials and workshops that will encourage them to open those conversations and help them become more successful ambassadors for Sherman College.” Newlin adds that sometimes chiropractors only think about referring younger students, not realizing that about half of the college’s students are career changers in their thirties, forties and fifties.

There are many ways for alumni to actively participate in recruitment activities, such as distributing Sherman College brochures and posters. They can encourage students to attend a Career Day or represent the school at career fairs.

- For more information about assisting Sherman College in its recruitment efforts, contact Frank Griffis, vice president for enrollment services, at 864-578-8770 or 800-849-8771, ext. 1293. You may also e-mail fgriffis@sherman.edu.

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