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Lyceum 2001: Just Imagine...

FEBRUARY 26, 2001 - Imagine a family who just moved to your town. Imagine that one of the first things they do as they settle in is look for a new family chiropractor. Imagine a world where regular chiropractic care is the norm and where being subluxated is not accepted as an option!

Imagine a profession focused on one objective with a wonderful variety of techniques to accomplish that objective. Imagine success shared by all chiropractors and centered around one principle. Imagine a gathering of some of the finest and most passionate chiropractors in our profession today who share a vision of making such a world a reality. You’ll find them at Sherman College Lyceum 2001.

A full 24 hours of continuing education credits are being offered this year, including a plethora of choices in the areas of technique, science, philosophy, research, x-ray analysis and practice management. Our technique program will help you hone your skills, and speakers include legends such as Roy Sweat, D.C., teaching Atlas Orthogonal technique; and Tonine Gelardi, D.C., teaching adjusting techniques for infants and children.

Charles Ward and Eddy Cohen, D.C.s, will give you the tools to help you achieve your practice goals. Science and philosophy will mix as Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., presents his program, “The Science of Innate Intelligence.” If it’s pure chiropractic philosophy you want, Guy Beauchamp and Christian Beaudry, D.C.s, will present a program titled “The Normal Complete Cycle.” Our CA program has been expanded and will prove to be better than ever.

This year’s keynote speaker is renowned author Dan Millman. An international lecturer and seminar leader, Millman interacts with leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, entertainment, sports and the arts. His books, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” “Sacred Journey,” “The Life You Were Born to Live” and “Living on Purpose,” have inspired millions of readers in more than 20 languages.

Since Lyceum is a family event, children will truly enjoy this year’s program, which includes a star gazing party presented by the Greenville Planetarium, swimming and much, much more. Spouses are welcome to attend any sessions, and they can also enjoy some of the area attractions.

We are looking forward to an exciting new program, “Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Practice.” This program will be presented in the afternoons under the Big Top and will cover a wide range of topics of interest to the student and the new D.C.

You will also enjoy our popular annual events including Women in Chiropractic, Infinite Principles and a spectacular line-up of speakers for our evening events under the Big Top.

The possibilities are endless for a gathering of people with minds focused on a clear vision of the future. Just imagine yourself at Sherman College, May 24 - 27 2001.

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