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Admission Ambassadors Program to Strengthen College's Link to Practitioners, Prospective Students

APRIL 12, 2001 -
To further address one of Sherman College’s top priorities - increasing enrollment - the college recently established an Office of Admission Ambassadors to organize and revitalize the college’s recruitment volunteers (practitioners in the field).

Sherman College’s greatest source of new students traditionally has been referrals from alumni and other chiropractors; however, the number of referrals has declined in the past few years. “A recent survey shows that alumni and friends of the college believe they are actively referring students to the college, though the facts show otherwise,” says Frank Griffis, vice president for enrollment services. Griffis is confident the new Ambassador Program will rejuvenate practitioner interest, educate practitioners about how to introduce chiropractic as a career choice and increase the college’s enrollment of new students.

I know that this kind of proactive recruiting operation can be successful,” Griffis says. “I have seen it work at both of my alma maters - Texas A&M University and Norwich University. At both institutions, we rallied the college’s alumni and other friends to create a virtual army of volunteer recruiters. This approach helps the institution make efficient use of resources while extending its reach to prospective students across the country. Trained volunteers make very effective recruiters because prospective students know that they are not paid staff members and are speaking from the heart and from experience.”

Spearheading the Ambassador Program is Kellie Candino. “Kellie’s extensive interactions with alumni and friends of the college and in-depth understanding of straight chiropractic will give her a head start in reaching our goals with the Ambassador Program,” Griffis says.

Candino has worked in the Office of Admission for three years as an administrative assistant and admission counselor. Her husband, Kevin Candino, is an eleventh-quarter student at Sherman College.

As director of ambassador relations, Candino will support the college’s ambassadors in the field in their efforts to recruit students. She will also educate Ambassadors about the most effective ways to interest students in an exciting career in chiropractic and in Sherman College.

Ambassadors will increase Sherman College’s profile nationwide by actively recruiting prospective students, representing the college at high school and college career fairs and hosting career sessions in their areas,” Candino says. Ambassadors will also serve as mentors to prospective students and applicants and organize speaking engagements for Sherman College representatives with various state organizations. The college will provide ambassador training sessions in targeted areas nationwide and develop outlines, scripts and correspondence for initial contacts with schools and organizations.

In addition to the potential the new Ambassador Program has for recruiting students, another exciting aspect of the operation will be a student mentoring program. Each ambassador will be asked to mentor the students he or she recruits. This could take many forms, such as maintaining contact via e-mail, letters or telephone, or meeting with students during breaks and holidays.

Recruitment and retention are the responsibility of all Sherman College employees, alumni and supporters. Having the coordinated assistance of practicing chiropractors will help ensure that the college’s internal student recruitment efforts are fully integrated with and complemented by the efforts of supporters in the field.

I am very excited about the potential of the program,” Griffis says. “But its success is going to depend on our 2,000-plus alumni and other supporters who believe in the Sherman College mission. Together, we can make it happen.”

- For more information about the admission ambassadors, please call Kellie Candino at 864-578-8770 or 800-849-8771, ext. 1363. You may also e-mail kcandino@sherman.edu.

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