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Increase in Admission Standards Should Result in Well-Rounded Students

MAY 01, 2001 - Effective fall quarter 2001, Sherman College will raise its admissions standards in accordance with the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), requiring students to complete 90 hours (rather than 60) of prerequisite credit prior to admission.

The CCE’s change in admission requirements reflects a growing trend in chiropractic education: chiropractic colleges requiring more undergraduate courses of their applicants. “The increase in prerequisite requirements gives our prospective students the opportunity to take more undergraduate courses and receive a more well rounded education,” says Laura Chadwick Weeks, D.C., vice president for academic affairs. “Students coming to Sherman College will have more undergraduate college experience and will have had more time to sharpen and hone the time management and study skills that are necessary for a rigorous academic curriculum such as ours,” she says. Approximately 42 percent of current Sherman College students hold bachelor’s degrees, and an additional 24 percent enter the college with at least 90 credit hours.

Director of Enrollment Services Frank Griffis says the immediate impact of the increased requirements could be a slightly lower enrollment rate for fall quarter 2001, but the requirements should not affect enrollment once they have been put in place and all prospective students have been made aware of the change. The college is also expecting a larger than usual incoming class for summer quarter 2001 as students strive to enroll before the 90-hour requirement goes into effect.

Since Sherman College hasn’t changed the actual amount of science-related hours required for admission, Griffis says prospective students might be encouraged to enhance their business skills in preparation for private practice. “Students will have a lot of freedom in choosing what they study as they accrue the 30 additional credit hours,” Griffis says. “I think many students will take this opportunity to enroll in courses that will be of great help to them later in practice — courses in business management, human resources, finance, marketing, technology and communication. Such courses would be an excellent complement to the business and practice-building courses and special programs offered at Sherman College and would give them even further preparation for successful practice upon graduation.”

Griffis and Weeks say the increase in prerequisites might also encourage students to complete a bachelor’s degree or participate in the college’s Three Plus One program. Three Plus One agreements allow students to complete three years of prerequisite studies at participating undergraduate institutions, then transfer to Sherman College. After one year of study at Sherman College, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree from the undergraduate college or university. Currently the college maintains agreements with The University of South Carolina - Spartanburg and Claflin University in Orangeburg, SC. Students who participate in the program are able to trim a year off of their time in college, completing two degrees in 6¼ years rather than 7¼.

“Now, more than ever, students have a reason to take a good look at the Three Plus One program at Sherman College,” Griffis says. “The trend of states requiring a bachelor’s degree for licensure is another reason students might look more closely at the program. Most inquiries we receive about the Three Plus One program are from students who plan to return to practice in a state that requires a bachelor’s degree.”

- For details about the Three Plus One program, please contact the Admission Office at 800-849-8771 or 864-578-8770, ext. 1222, or e-mail admissions@sherman.edu.


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