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Admission Ambassadors Reach Out to Prospective Students

SEPTEMBER 10, 2001 -  Kellie Candino is glad to be busy - it means her Admission Ambassadors Program is off to a strong start. Candino was named director of ambassador relations earlier this year when Sherman College established the office to enhance support to recruitment volunteers. As director of the program, Candino enlists the help of practitioners in the field by encouraging them to introduce chiropractic as a career choice and to continue to seek and refer outstanding doctor of chiropractic candidates.

Candino has already signed up 94 ambassadors representing 18 states but says the college especially needs representation in Arizona, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Tennessee, states which draw a lot of students.

During Lyceum, the Ambassador Office developed a tangible symbol to show how chiropractors, students and supporters can proactively advance chiropractic through recruitment and referral - the commitment wall. About 140 people signed the wall, pledging to take a proactive stance in the recruitment of two students within the next calendar year. “The commitment wall helped us visually bring the need for more chiropractors to the forefront,” Candino says. “It made people realize that they need to be actively talking to people about the rewards of a chiropractic career and recruiting prospective students.”

Candino also attended several alumni events during Lyceum to get acquainted with more alumni and to promote participation in the Ambassador Program. “We need help getting the word about the benefits of chiropractic out there, and the only way to do that is to educate more chiropractors and for those chiropractors to educate everyone they know,” she says. “The goal of the Ambassador Program is to increase name recognition for Sherman College throughout the country, to improve recruitment in targeted areas and, most important to me, to bring the personal touch that we pride ourselves on to each prospective student through mentoring,” Candino says.

Candino held an ambassador training session in Seattle, WA, during the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO) FOUNDATION Seminar Series. She used her time to share news and updates about Sherman College, explain application requirements and help participants prepare answers to questions prospective students frequently ask. Candino asked ambassadors to call colleges in and around their hometowns and to find out how they can represent Sherman College at graduate (college) fairs. She also recently traveled to Detroit, MI, in August for a second training session during the FSCO FOUNDATION Seminar there.

For more information about the Ambassador Program or to become an ambassador, please call Kellie Candino at 864-578-8770 or 800-849-8771, ext. 1363. You may also e-mail kcandino@sherman.edu.

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