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This year's WCCS delegates included (from left) John Claussen, Shana Sparks, Becky Cook, Head Delegate Bob Kleckner, Ben Claussen, Natalie Kurylo and Aaron Harchak.

Delegation of Seven Represents Sherman College at World Congress of Chiropractic Students COnference

JANUARY 3, 2003 - Seven Sherman College students traveled to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, in August for the 23rd Annual Conference of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS).

WCCS brings together students from around the world who are preparing to enter the chiropractic profession, and Sherman College has sent delegates to every WCCS conference since 1983. This year’s delegation included head delegate Bob Kleckner, Ben Claussen, John Claussen, Rebecca Cook, Aaron Harchak, Natalie Kurylo and Shana Sparks. Faculty advisor Valerie Pennacchio, D.C., also attended.

The 2002 conference was hosted by Palmer College in Davenport and was held on its campus in conjunction with Palmer Lyceum. Twelve of the 23 affiliated schools sent delegations, and the University of Southern Denmark sent four representatives with observer status in hopes of becoming an affiliated school.

Seventy-two students from six countries including the U.S. were in attendance to continue work on the organization’s mission: “to unify the chiropractic profession from within and to unify the health care community in the interest of contributing to world health, well-being, and to promote the exchange of new ideas from a student level.”

With that objective in mind, Sherman College’s delegation made several proposals, all of which were passed:
* To assign an affiliated school to each of the major chiropractic organizations in each country so that the WCCS can stay current on the actions of those professional associations;
* To commend the state of New Jersey on the passage of Bill S2693, which both defines spinal adjustment and indicates who may perform one, and to encourage the other 49 states to enact a similar bill; and
* To host the 2004 Congress at Sherman College in Spartanburg, SC.

Delegates from Sherman College were instrumental in both blocking and/or changing the wording of proposals that did not support the straight chiropractic philosophy. They were also active participants on letter-writing committees as well as on a committee that updates the organization’s constitution, by-laws and policy code.

As a student-run organization, WCCS’ annual conference is hosted by a different delegation every year. Next year’s meeting will take place at the University of Quebec at Three Rivers in Canada. Because fifth-quarter Sherman College student Natalie Kurylo volunteered to be conference chair in 2004, she will serve as vice chair in 2003.

“We’re so excited to be hosting again in two years, especially considering that Sherman College just hosted the event in 1997,” Kurylo says. “We’re very fortunate to have such great support from Dr. Hardee and the administration at our school.”

WCCS organizes several fund-raisers throughout the year to pay for their conference registration fees and travel expenses. One of their biggest fund-raisers is a smoothie booth at Lyceum. “Since 2003 is Sherman College’s 30th anniversary, we’re expecting a really big turnout at Lyceum,” Kurylo says. “We’re counting on alumni and friends of the college to drink lots of smoothies!”

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